How To Order Control Prepaid MasterCard

Everything looks fine when your finances are under control. The Control Prepaid MasterCard lets you take control of your financial future in the finest possible manner. In fact, this is more than just a prepaid card that gives you the control, confidence, and power. This card is available with 2 different plans. You have the option to choose between the Discount Fee Plan and the Basic Fee Plan. It is not a credit card. You should keep in mind that a prepaid card generally doesn’t assist you in building up the credit as they do not report to credit bureaus. If you are someone with a bad credit history and need to build the credit, then you should opt for a secured card. In this guide, we will help you decide whether or not you should opt for this card by sharing the important card details with you.

About Control Prepaid MasterCard

Get the government benefits checks or paychecks up to two days quicker with the Direct Deposit. You can send the WU money transfers within minutes, pay bills, or shop online with this card. With this card, the cardholders can receive the WU money transfer funds in the online account center. There is no late fee, credit check or the interest payments as this isn’t a conventional credit card. Funds availability isn’t guaranteed and the use of the card is subjected to the ID verification and activation (terms & costs apply). The card is issued by the MetaBank that is a member of the FDIC. Net Speed is the issuer of this card that is a registered agent of the MetaBank.

How Much This Card Costs?

There is no order and activation fee for this card. You can order and activate the Control Prepaid MasterCard for free. However, there is a monthly fee of $7.95 that the cardholders are required to pay every month. The cardholders who set up at least $500 direct deposit qualifies for the discounted monthly fee that is just $5. For standard bank transfers or direct deposits, the cardholders don’t have to pay any fee. A $1.95 fee on the transfer of or less than $100 is imposed on the instant bank transfers. The daily transfer limit for the users is $250/day.

The users of this card can transfer money to each other through their account or text message without any fee. The users who transfer money to the other users through their toll-free customer support number needs to pay the $4.95 fee. There is no fee on the online balance inquiry. However, if users choose to inquire balance through an ATM or phone, then they will have to pay a $0.50 fee on every balance inquiry. On the ATM cash withdrawals, the $2.50 fee is deducted. However, you can avoid the fee of ATM by purchasing your items at the different retailers and asking them for the cash back.

Rewards And Features

If you are a Control Prepaid MasterCard holder, then you will get paid 2-days faster. This helps you avoid the check cashing lines and you will also be able to get your tax refund in a faster way. There are the additional perks for those who manage at least $500 direct deposit every month. To read more about the prepaid card rewards, you can go through their official website. Here are some of the key features of this prepaid card:

  • Free of cost direct deposit
  • Budgeting tools to build a solid financial foundation
  • Mobile alerts to stay in control
  • Money back rewards to make your money work
  • Cardholders transfers
  • Refer a friend to get up to $20 credit
  • Prescription savings
  • $10 purchase pillow
  • Saving account
  • Custom card
  • App to manage your account on the go
  • Pay bills online
  • Virtual account
  • Mobile refill

You can enjoy all these rewards and perks by ordering your Control MasterCard right today. Applying for the card is really simple and fast. You only need to access their official website from where you can order your card in minutes.

How Does It Work?

Open Account: You will spend what you have put into card account. This eliminates the bounced checks, unhappy surprises, and card debt. It is simple to order your card. You only need to share your address and name and the card will be sent to your mailing address within five to ten business days. Keep in mind that State of Vermont’s residents is not eligible for an opening card account.

Activate Card: Once you have received your Control card by mail, you simply need to activate it. You can activate your card online AT their official website. After card activation, you should also register for the online account to take control over your money. You can also activate your card by dialing their number that is 8667-536-329.

Fund: Adding money to your Card is simple and convenient. You can transfer funds into your card via cardholder’s transfers, direct deposit or by visiting the nearest NetSpend Network location. These locations are available nationwide.

Instructions To Order A Control Prepaid MasterCard

On your personal computer, you need to perform these simple steps to order Control card right today:

  1. In the initial step, you are required to access their official website. Access their website using the link:
  2. When the website opens, click the button “Open an Account” that is available on the left-hand side of the webpage. See below image for the button location. After clicking this button, you will arrive on a new webpage where you should fill out the form on the right-hand side of your computer screen with the following information:
  • Your first name and last name
  • Street address
  • Zip code (City/State not required)
  • Email address
  • Referral code

Enter the above information in the required fields and select a payment method. Confirm that you agree to their terms and conditions and finally click “Order Your Card” button.

You have successfully ordered your Control card online. Now, it may take 5-10 business days to receive your card via mail. Once received, activate it by clicking “Activate Your Card” on their website. Upon the activation of the card, the funds in the card will be insured by the FDIC to the current coverage limit.