Apply For Sears Card Online

Sears Card is used for online and in-store shopping for different products at Sears and Kmart stores. You can use this card to save money on your spending and to get a chance for different card benefits services provided by the company. Cardholders can enjoy monthly savings and coupons offers to discount for their orders via cards. There are special financing offers daily for cardholders.

Eligibility Criteria:

To get your sears card you should be age of 18 or more and you should have your social security card number and other identification details to fill this application.

Apply Sears Card Via Online Application:

  • If you want to apply sears card online then access this website first to get online application.
  • As you will access this page, you will see two options to apply for cards one is for $10 off with your new card and 2nd one is for 6 month special financing.
  • Choose any option by clicking on the button “Apply Now” to get online card application.
  • As you will access this page you will see the form to fill with appropriate data to get your card.
  • Start entering required details on the page correctly.
  • Under the heading “Your Personal Information”, enter your email address first.
  • Next enter your full name, with MI and Suffix.
  • After that enter your Home Address, Apt/suit, city, state and your location zip code.
  • Provide your home phone number and also your additional phone numbers details.
  • After that see the heading “Your Financial Information”.
  • Enter your Annual Income, residence status, Monthly Mortgage/Rent Payments.
  • Next go for heading “Your Security Information” with your DOB, SSN, photo ID Type, Driving License number/PhotoID Number and state information to fill this section.
  • Next choose the option if you want to manage your account.
  • After that read important information below and mark the options if you want to avail them and next click on the button “Continue”.
  • After that verify your details on the next step and continue the page to get your card approval status.

$10 Discount For Todays Purchases With New Card:

New members who want to apply for sears card can choose this offer to get $10 discount with new card spending. On card approval your card will be credited with $10 to enjoy purchases with your new card. This discount offer is valid for the same day when you received your card.

6 Month Special Financing Offer With New Card:

There is no interest payment for first 6 months on your purchases with this card. Only interest charges will be paid from your account if you purchases balance is not paid at the time.

Exclusive & Special Offer With Card:

By getting sears card you can get other benefits and advantages to enjoy saving and discount on your latest shopping.

  • Enjoy Monthly Saving End of every month
  • Get exclusive saving offers
  • Get Sears coupons to get discounts on your shopping
  • Get special financing offers
  • Get $0 liability for unauthorized purchase.

Manage Your Card Online:

Sears is providing all cardholders card account to manage your card services. After getting online account cardholder need to create online account  to get these benefits services:

  • 24/7 Customer Service: by getting account you can find 24/7 customer service to get help for managing your account. If you forget your account details, lost your card or other problem then you can contact with the customer service to get solution.
  • Full Protection: You can get full protection for your card, as if you forget your card then you can call at customer service to get new card.
  • Online Transactions: You can pay your bills online with your account easily
  • Card Balance: You can check your card balance easily.

Customer Service:

If you want to contact with customer service then you can call at 1-800-815-7701.