Check Your Prepaid Card Status Online

People are now more comfortable with using credit-debit cards and gift cards instead of hard cash. This gives them the sense of security and convenience while purchasing their required products in the market. In addition to the basic card services, the cardholders are also given the online facilities through online account portals. If you have a Prepaid Card, then you will also get an online account access that offers you the complete card details. You will access the card details in a fast, safe, and convenient manner. The best part is that you can access the required card details anytime and from anywhere. Before we show you how to access this online account to check your card balance, let’s see some of the features that you will get through this account.

Prepaid Card Account Features

Prepaid cards come with a fixed amount and the cardholder can use it in different shops, stores, and other authorized locations. The receipt amount is automatically charged for these cards when the cardholder presents this card to the biller. Hence, this becomes important for the cardholder to keep track of the card balance. By accessing this online account, you can check your card balance anytime. You can also view your transaction history, update card or wallet profile, print transaction history, manage your account and so much more after accessing this account. Now, we will show you how to check your card balance on their online portal.

Instructions To Access Prepaid Card Status To Check Your Card Balance

Please power on your computer that must be connected to the internet. After that, you should launch any web browser, and then perform the below-mentioned steps:

  1. For initiating the process, you need to access the required website. The link to visit this website is:
  2. Now you will arrive on their official login page. Here, you can see two blank fields in the middle of the page where you should enter your card number and security code. The security code is located on the back of your card. After entering the details, click “Log In” button.

Now, you will be signed in to your online card account. You can now check your card balance, view transaction history and perform other tasks available through this account.