How To Activate AT&T Visa Reward Card

If you have purchased a qualifying mobile phone from the AT&T Wireless, then you should have received paperwork for applying for the rebate. The rebates are offered in the shape of Visa debit gift cards. The rebates come with the preloaded gift card, unlike the cash rebates. You can use this card wherever a Visa card is accepted. You don’t require any bank account to get the AT&T Rewards Card. This rewards debit card is easy-to-use, secure, efficient, and it offers several options to make purchases. This card can be used online, in-stores and even by phone. Now, let’s go through some of the great card benefits, and then we will show you how to activate your card.

AT&T Visa Reward Debit Card Benefits

The best thing about this card is that it offers flexibility and convenience. There is no bank account required to grab this card. The card can be used for making purchases wherever MasterCard is accepted; by phone, online, or in-store. You can pay bills online or in-person using this card. The customer service and account information are available round the clock, throughout the year. You can use the card at the retail merchants that accept debit cards. Let’s discuss how one can activate the gift card online.

Instructions To Activate AT&T Visa Reward Card

It is really simple, secure, and quick to activate your card. It’s just like you activate a credit card that hardly takes a couple of minutes. Along with your rewards debit card, you should also have received the instructions about card activation. You can simply dial 888.373.5801 which is a toll-free number to activate a new card. Or, you can go online and perform the following steps to activate your card:

  1. Open any web browser that you normally use and open the link: This link will help you visit the official AT&T Rewards Center site.
  2. On their site, you should see an empty field on the left-hand side. Please enter the first 4 digits of your rewards debit card in this empty field, and then click “Continue” button.

Now, follow instructions to complete the card activation process. After card activation, you will also see your account balance and you can start using the card immediately. If you have further questions, then you can dial the helpline number of AT&T and talk to one of their representatives.