Login My Gift Card Account Online

My Gift Card is a perfect choice to gift someone. This is a prepaid gift card which you can gift someone, and then the recipient can use the card at different locations to shop the things of their choice. This card is just great in terms of flexibility, convenience, and security. There are many locations where this card can be used. You can use this gift card at different entertainment venues and restaurants. This card provides you the security also as you don’t need to worry about losing the cash, check or the paper gift certificates. The card is also available in different designs and colors, so you can choose a perfect gift card for your loved ones as per your choice.

Online Card Account Offers More Convenience

The card itself has many benefits, but you can double the perks by registering for the online account. The online card account is a gift card manager where you can log in to access additional card services from wherever you are. After logging into this account, the cardholders can check the card activities. If you want to view your gift card balance, transaction or history, then you can do it by simply signing into the My Account that is created by them. Now, let’s find out how a cardholder can sign into this online account.

Instructions For My Gift Card My Account Login

If you are the My Gift Card holder and you want to access the online card account for managing your card, then you need to follow these instructions:

  1. To access the page where you need to login to the online card account, please follow link www.mygiftcardmanager.com
  2. Now you are on the official card account page. Here, you can see a blue colored menu on the right side of this page. Enter the card number and also give last 3-digits of code from your card, and the last 4 digits of the phone. After providing this information, please click the “Login” button.

Now, you will be signed into the online card account from where you can check your gift card activity, balance, transaction and other features that this account offers. For further information or details, you can also click the FAQ option on the menu of the website.