How To Buy A Burger King BK Crown Card

The Burger King is one of the finest multinational hamburger fast food chains in America that has been running since 1954. The fast-food restaurant company is now known as the 5th biggest fast-food chain in term of locations all across the world. If you frequently visit your nearest Burger King restaurant, then we recommend you to also get the BK Crown Card. You can use this card to make purchases not only at the Burger King restaurants but also for the online purchases on their site. It is a gift card that is also available for corporate buyers. So, whether you want to buy these cards for yourself, your friends, or even for your employees to motivate and reward them, you can get this card.

About Burger King BK Crown Card

To buy these cards, you can visit the local Burger King restaurants or you can also buy the gift cards online on their official site. Every single BK restaurant that is located in North America participates in the Burger King Crown Card program. If you want to find the nearest BK restaurant location, then you can find it on their official site. If you order a plastic gift card online, then the gift card would be processed & shipped within 3 (three) business days. If you have ordered a virtual gift card, then it would be delivered instantly or the date that purchaser selected. The plastic gift cards are sent via mail and virtual cards by email.

You can view your remaining gift card balance online on the official gift card site. The gift card(s) that you purchased/received in the United States or Canada cannot be used overseas.  If your gift card doesn’t work, then you should dial 866.394.2493 for help. Now, let’s see how to buy the gift cards online on their website.

Instructions To Buy A Burger King BK Crown Card

To order a gift card(s) online, you should follow the steps that we have mentioned here:

  1. Open any web browser of your choice and go to the link: to access the official BK Gift Cards page.
  2. Now, scroll down the page just a little and click “Order a Gift Card” button that will appear on the left-hand side. After that, select the gift card type, denomination, design, and other details to complete your order.

You can also place bulk orders by clicking “Place Bulk Orders” on the same page. For more details, please dial their helpline number.