How To Access A Gift Card Online Account

A Gift Card is a perfect choice to gift your loved ones for all occasions. The biggest problem that you confront, while selecting a gift for someone is that you are not sure whether or not he or she is going to like it. However, with this Gift Card, you can offer them exactly what they want. This card gives them the flexibility to choose whatever gift they want to have. The card can be used to purchase anything online, in person, or by phone. You can use this card at 19 million-plus merchants where Visa debit card is accepted. This guide will help you know the key benefits of having this card. We’ll also throw light on the perks of online card account that is an additional service for the cardholders.

How Does A Gift Card Work?

This gift card acts just like your debit cards. On the front side of this card, there will be the name of the gift recipient along with the Visa logo. You’ll also find the card number and its expiration date. The back of this card has one magnetic strip. The cardholder can use this card to the loaded amount in the card comes to an end or unless it isn’t expired. When you make a purchase through this card, then the amount of product/service purchased would automatically be deducted. If your card is stolen or lost and it has balance, then you should immediately cancel your card and request a replacement.

What Is The Cost Of A Gift Card?

The gift cards are available with different values, ranging from $25 – $500. Whatever value gift card you choose, you would also have to pay $5.95 shipping & handling fee with that. The card will be delivered to the recipient within 7 – 10 working days after the order placement. If you have placed an order in December, then it might take an extra 5 – 7 days because of the holidays.

A Gift Card Key Perks

Flexibility, convenience, and security are the major perks of having this gift card. There are many locations where the recipient can use this card, including entertainment venues and restaurants. You can also make purchases in-store, over your phone or online. It also eliminates the tension of losing the cash, checks or the paper gift certificates.

Instructions To Access A Gift Card Online Account

In addition to all basic perks of the gift card, you can also access the online account for some additional benefits, like checking your account balance and transaction history. Here is how to access your online card account:

  1. Follow the link to access the official My Account page.
  2. Now, enter your card number, 3-digit code, and the last 4 numbers of your phone in the given fields on the right-hand side of this page. Click “Login” to access your online account.

This is how A Gift Card recipient can access the online card account to check card balance, view transaction history and more.