Access My Florida Remit To Pay Traffic Tickets

CiviTek Citizen Solutions is offering solutions that citizens can avail to make payments as well as performing many other government-related services. The solutions are provided through an online platform and the services provided through this portal are to help citizens by saving their money and time. This platform is known as If you are living in Florida, then you can take advantage of the many solutions that are provided through this online web-based platform.

Steps To Pay Traffic Tickets At My Florida Remit:

If you have recently been fined with a traffic ticket for any sort of violation, then you can use this web-based platform right today to pay it from the comforts of your home. Here is what you should do for paying your traffic ticket:

  1. Access the website on your web browser. The link to this platform is
  2. Once you are on the webpage, you can see two separate boxes. The second box on the right-hand side is the “Pay Traffic Tickets”. Within that box, you can see a button “Pay now” that you need to click. There is also “Learn more” link with that “Pay now” button that you can click to learn more about the process.

After clicking the button, you should enter the citation number, license number, and your date of birth. Click “continue” button and go through the remaining steps of elect/decline traffic school, billing information and payment confirmation. This is how you can pay your traffic tickets through this web-based platform.

If you have any questions or concerns about this online platform, then you can also talk to their team by email, phone, or fax. Their phone number is 877.eCounty (877.326.8689). For other contact details, please visit the Contact Us page on the website.

About Service:

This website offers the citizens an opportunity to an access local & governmental information and services statewide. This electronic e-commerce platform is really easy to use and a cost-effective approach to handling the financial transactions that would usually be made through the mail or at the local walk-in counter. Paying your traffic tickets is one of the many activities that you can perform through this online platform.