Get Started With PayMyInsurance Premium Payments is an online portal that WEST BEND Company has designed for its customers. The customers of the company can log in to this portal using their account information to make premium payments online. This is the most convenient and fastest way of making payments. In fact, there are several methods available that you can use to make your premium payments. Before we show you how to make payments online, we will also throw light on the different payment methods.


To make premium payments through this portal, you need to choose your invoice type, and then you will have to use your account ID and password to access the online account. If you are not yet registered for the online account, then you will first have to create it. To create your account, you should use your account number. The account number is available on your invoice from where you can copy it. Or, you can also make on-time payment through this portal.

Available Payment Methods

Here are the different available methods that you can use to make your Premium Payments through this portal:

  1. One-Time Payment

Using this method, you can pay a specific amount that you would like to pay on your account. Such payments are applied to the premium within 2 working days after the transaction’s completion date. You can make this one-time payment through this portal.

  1. E-Billing

This is an easy and convenient method of making premium payments. For the e-billing service, you will have to first enroll for this service on their website. After enrolling for the service, you would be able to enjoy the following services:

  • Access your invoices online, round the clock, from everywhere
  • Pay a current invoice with a credit card or electronic check
  • You can pay now, or you can schedule a payment on or before the due date
  • Receive email alerts, whenever a new invoice is generated

Apart from these options, there are also a couple more methods available for you. You can also pay by phone or with electronic funds transfer.

Instructions To Make Premium Payments At

Your account number should be nearby because you need to use it while processing the payment. Here is how this process works:

  1. Go to their official website by using the URL:
  2. Once there, scroll down unless you see the two different types of invoice images. Click on the invoice image that looks like yours.

Now, you should choose the payment method type and follow the remaining instructions to make your premium payment. If you have questions, then you can go through their website.