Check Your Lowe’s Gift Card Balance

Lowe’s is a renowned American company that has been operating a chain of the retail home appliance and improvement stores in the US and other countries such as Mexico and Canada. The company has been operating since 1946 and the CEO of the company is Robert Niblock. Lowe’s is operating in 1,840 different locations and it’s headquarter is based in Mooresville, North Carolina, US. They sell their products at their land-based stores and as well as on their online shopping portal that they have created for their customers.

Some Products Offered By The Lowe’s:

At the Lowe’s, you can buy appliances, building supplies and material, home improvement products such as flooring, hardware, etc., outdoor products such as plants, patio furniture, an equipment, and more. They also offer gift cards to their valued clients as an attempt to make the lives of their clients more convenient. This gift card can be sent to someone you want to gift either through an email or by standard mail delivery.

What Is A Lowe’s Gift Card?

Lowe’s offers a Gift Card for their clients that can be used to make the shopping much easier for someone who have started a home improvement project such as construction or maintenance work. This card can be used to purchase whatever home improvement product/material or appliance one needs to buy either online or at the 1,830 locations of the Lowe’s. This gift card is extremely beneficial for someone who is about to start or have started a home improvement project and you want to give them a gift.

How To Check The Lowe’s Gift Card Balance:

If you own a gift card, then you can check its remaining balance, anytime. All you need is to look at the following steps and repeat them by using your personal computer:

  • Click on the given link.
  • Now you are on the Lowe’s Gift Card official webpage.
  • Here, you will have the options such as shopping the gift cards, and checking the balance of your gift card.
  • Scroll down just a little till you see “Check Your Gift Card Balance” form.
  • Once you see it, then you should provide your gift card number, card PIN.
  • Enter the code that you see in the image in the field that you see under the “PIN” blank field.
  • Now, simply click the blue “Check Your Balance” button.
  • Here it is! Now, you will see the remaining gift card balance on this page.

If you have any questions regarding the Lowe’s Gift Cards, then you can also use the “View FAQs” link that is also available on the same form where you entered your card number and PIN to check the card balance.  You can also talk to the Lowe’s team directly by getting in touch with them through the “Contact Us” link that is available on the same form. You can ask them whatever questions you might have in your mind, regarding their gift card or any other services offered by them.