Join TaxAct To File Your 2018 Taxes free

Are you worried about the hectic and complicated process involved in filing your federal and state tax returns? If yes, then you can join TaxAct that will make filing your tax returns simple with free phone assistance and step-by-step guide. They offer $100k accuracy and maximum refund guarantee to their customers. Until now, there are 65 million+ returns that are filed through their service. Therefore, you can also be the one to make tax return filing simple and quick with their top notch services. In this guide, we will discuss how to join their service to start filing your 2018 taxes for free. But before that, let’s go through the company details.

About TaxAct

The company was established in the year 1998 and since then, they have been on a mission to provide the most affordable and reliable download and digital tax preparation services. They serve individuals, tax professionals and also the business owners with their services. The TaxAct software is the company’s flagship product that is known for its 100% accuracy. This product is designed by the in-house tax accountants and programs. Every single form available is State and IRS approved. So, you can count on their tax filing services and join them right today by visiting their official site.

With TaxAct, you can easily navigate the complications of finance and tax with convenience and 100% accuracy at a very affordable price. You will get benefit from an all-inclusive online, mobile, and download solutions to ensure the DIY tax return filing easy, fast and also affordable. Whether you are a small business or an individual, you can count on this product. To complete your taxes, you will also get the step-by-step guidance. You can learn more about the company or their products by going through their site.

Instructions To Join TaxAct To File Your 2018 Taxes free

So, have you decided to get benefit from this great service? If yes, then you should follow these guidelines to join TaxAct:

  1. Open the link: in any internet browser to begin the process. Be sure that your internet browser is updated and the internet connection is also stable.
  2. On their site, you should see a red “Get Started” button on the left-hand side just before the blue “Sign In” button. Click this button to get started.

On the new page, you should select every single option that appears on your computer screen. It will help you select a product that is the best fit according to your needs. After that, click on “Start Free” button and follow on-screen prompts to join TaxAct.