Pay SFMTA Parking Ticket Online

If you have received a transit or a parking citation, then you must pay/protest before the due date. Otherwise, you will be fined with the late fee and the collection fee. The Municipal and Transportation Agency offer the facility to pay parking tickets online. Apart from that, you also have the facility to pay a transit citation through their online portal. You can access the citation information, make online payments, and check the status of the protests around through their online portal, anytime, and from anywhere. So, the process of paying SFMTA parking tickets is now so convenient with this online service.

Payment Methods

There are different methods by which you can pay your parking ticket. There is an online payment method that is best when it comes to same-day payments. You can pay over a phone call by dialing the numbers 415.701.3099 or 800.531.7357.You can also pay via mail by using their pre-printed envelope that you can send with the money order or check payable to the SFMTA. The fourth available payment method is the in-person payment that you can make at their customer service center on Monday-Friday between 8 am to 5 pm.

Instructions For Payment Of SFMTA Parking Ticket Online

Here are the simple steps needed to pay parking tickets on their online portal for the same day payment posting:

  1. In the first step, you need to visit their official webpage (the online portal) on your personal computer. Follow this link: for visiting the online portal.
  2. Once you are there, you can see “Pay a Parking Ticket or Transit Citation” title on the left-hand side. Under that title, all payment methods along with instructions are available. Scroll down just a little and click the blue “Pay Online” button.

After clicking the “Pay Online” button, you will be directed to the online payment page. There, you should read the citation payment and inquiry information, and then click the “Begin” button/link. Provide your citation number or plate number and plate state and click “Search for citations” button. Do not forget to enter the text that you see in a box just before “Search for citations” button. After that, you just have to follow the simple on-screen instructions to pay your parking ticket online.