Get Started With MyMedicalMe Online Payment

At some point in time, you will be visiting a doctor for a health-related problem. This is an ongoing process that no person can avoid at any cost. There will be times when you need to have medical checkups or treatments. Because there are already many other household chores that you need to manage, so maintaining your medical record may go out of the equation sometimes. If you are having any such issues and looking for a perfect solution, then you can get the advantage of the MyMedicalMe program. This is an online platform that you can access for making online medical bill payments. Apart from that, there are also many other benefits of using this portal.

MyMedicalMe Portal Benefits

Making an online payment through this portal doesn’t require you to login to the MyMedicalMe online account. However, accessing this online account has several other benefits. For example, you can also view your statement online and you can also take a print of the statement. You can also access and print the charge and payment history. This account also lets you update or add new insurance information. Setting up your payment arrangements and editing the notification preferences is also so simple through this account. After logging into this online account, you can edit your contact info, change, update, or add the auto-debit payment method and more.

Instructions To Make A Payment At MyMedicalMe

Here is how to make an online payment through this portal:

  1. Visit the official MyMedicalMe site where you are supposed to make your payments. Here is the link that will get you to that page:
  2. Once there, you would see “Make a Payment” option. This option is available on the menu bar of the site as well as at the left-hand side on the website banner. Click this option to get started with the process.

Now, a new page will open. On this page, you should enter your ID number, guarantor first name, and the guarantor last name. After providing this information, you simply need to click the red “Continue” button and follow on-screen prompts to make the payment.

For your convenience, they have also launched the official mobile app that you can download on your Android or Apple device. This will help you access your account and make online payments on-the-go or from wherever you are.