Make Payments With Wright Flood Online

Do you want to make the one-time payment to the Wright National Flood Insurance Company in the most convenient way possible? If yes, then you can now do it right from the solaces of your home. Yes, the company has designed a web-based portal that you can use for online payments from wherever you are. The entire process is simple and straightforward. You just need to spend a few minutes online to make a payment and this guide will walk you through the process of making payments with Wright Flood online from your personal computer.


There are no special requirements to make payments through this web-based portal. You just need to use your policy number, credit card or checking account information, and the ZIP code of your property to make online payments. You will also need to have a personal computer that must be connected to the internet because this is a web-based application to receive online payments. You must use the complete policy number, including the last 2 digits. Your policy number is located on your renewal statement or rollover bill’s top left-hand corner.

Instructions For Wright Flood Online Payments

Let’s take a quick look at how you can make payments through this online portal:

  1. To access the company’s one-time payment service webpage, you should use the link:
  2. Once there, take a look at the right-hand side of the page where you can see the 2 blank fields “policy number” and “property Zip code”. Please enter your policy number and property zip code in the two fields, and then click the “Continue” button. After that, you can follow the simple instructions that appear on your computer screen to make online payments.

So, isn’t it a fast and simple process to make an online payment via this web-based system? If you still have any queries in your mind, then you should visit their “FAQs” page that’s link is located on the top right-hand side of the webpage. You can also read the privacy information by clicking the “Privacy” link that is available just next to the “FAQs” link.