Make Your Payment With GotoMyDoctorBill

GotoMyDoctorBill is an online payment portal that you can use to pay your physician bills. If your billing statement directs you to access this site for bill payment, then you will also get an account number on that. All you need is to enter this account number along with your Zip code to access the payment website. You need to use the Zip code of that address which is present on the statement. After submitting the information correctly, you will be directed to the next section of the website where you are required to enter the payment information. On that screen, you will also get the emergency physician’s name that is providing your services, balance, and related details.

How GotoMyDoctorBill Works?

For the convenience of the patients, they’ll first bill the patient’s insurance company for the service provided to them by a hospital in case if the patient has insurance. In most of the situations, the insurance carrier would be paying the claims, within forty-five days of the submission. The amount that a patient pays will base on a plan benefit as it is described in the health plan. If the insurer is not able to pay bills within that time frame, then they might ask your help to prompt the payment. You should keep in mind that the charges of the hospital are not included in the bill. The hospital and other physicians will charge you separately.

Normal Billing Cycle

If the insurer decides that some part of the bill is the responsibility of the patient, then the patient will get a bill. This bill is typically sent within five days of getting the notice from the insurer. If a patient doesn’t have the health insurance, then he may receive the bill for services received within fifteen days following the visit to ER.

Instructions To Make A Payment At GotoMyDoctorBill

You simply need to access their official website where you can easily make an online payment. Here is how this process works:

  1. Access their official Patient Billing Services site in whatever web browser you normally use. To access that site, please follow the link:
  2. Now, look at the menu bar of their site. There, you need to click the second option that is “Make a Payment”.

On the new page, provide your account number, Zip, and your last name in the given fields. After that, click the “Login” button. Once you are logged in, you can easily make a payment from there. You can pay by credit card or by check. If you need further assistance, then you can dial 1.800.378.4134.