How To Earn Through SendEarnings Membership

Have you ever wondered what you can earn real cash by shopping or doing some online activities? If not, then this isn’t like a fairy tale anymore. The SendEarnings has partnered with many trusted brands in technology, market research, and retail. This way, they are providing a strong platform for the earning opportunities. If you want to earn money through their program, then you need to register as a member on their website. Until now, they have paid more than $50 million to their members and you can also be the one to join this earning club. In this guide, we will show you how this system works and how you can register on their website.

How Does It Work?

The system to help members earn cash is really simple and straightforward. The company is in partnership with many top brands and these brands are paying them for the consumer input. SendEarnings recruit the members just like you by allowing you to become a member. After becoming a member on their website, you perform web-based activities, such as:

  • Shopping
  • Watching videos
  • Taking surveys
  • And other online activities

After performing all such activities, you earn real cash.

How To Earn?

Let’s discuss some of the simple and straightforward ways by which you can earn money after logging in as a member on their official website:


They have partnered with leading research institutes/organizations who need to gather feedback on different topics. You just need to take part in their surveys by sharing your feedback and they will offer you the cash upon the completion of the survey.

Watching Videos:

Just tune in, and watch different videos, such as tech, food, celebrities, news and more. In the end, you will be rewarded with real cash.


There are many free games that you can play and receive cash. You can also enter and complete cash games against the others to earn cash prizes.

Shopping & Cash Offers:

Shopping online also helps you earn cash back. Discounts and free samples from leading brands are also available that you can enjoy. On their website, new offers are posted on a regular basis, so the members can save and earn more.


A wide range of coupons is available for popular household and grocery brands. In addition to that, you will earn money for every single coupon that you print and redeem in-store.


Opt for the promotional emails from them and you will be paid just by reading their emails. Or, you can also complete the offers that you receive an email for further earning opportunities.

Joining SendEarnings Is Absolutely Free

The best part about this service is that it is free to use. You don’t need to pay to register for their membership. In fact, your account will be credited with a $5 bonus, just after completing the member registration process. Therefore, simply visit their website, complete the Sign-Up form and try their service for free, while getting bonus cash.

Special Deals And Offers Are Available

Special offers and deals are posted on their website regularly so that you can take maximum advantage as a member. For example, you can win $2,500.00 a week, forever, by entering this special club offer. The current event winner will be announced on 10/26 on NBC. Most popular offers are also available. Go through the featured deals on their website to enjoy more earning opportunities.

Instructions To Register For SendEarnings Member Account

Signing up as a member on their website is very simple and you can complete the registration process within 5 minutes of time. Just get to your internet connected PC and perform the below-listed steps to complete the member registration:

  1. Launch an internet browser. Copy or type in the link: in the browser address bar and hit the “Enter” button. This will open their official website.
  2. Now on the website, look for the blue colored form on the right-hand side. There, you can see three empty blocks, such as Email Address, Password, and Confirm Password. Just enter a valid email address and your desired password in the next two blocks. Finally, you should click the red button “Sign Me Up!”

Clicking “Sign Me Up” button means that you agree to their privacy policy and terms & conditions. However, you can click the “Terms & Conditions” and “Privacy Policy” links to read the important information before completing the sign-up process.

Follow The Confirmation Email

Once you have successfully completed the Sign Up process by completing and submitting the “Sign Up” form, a confirmation email be sent to your email address. You must follow the confirmation link in this email to confirm your member registration. This confirmation email should arrive in a few minutes only. If you don’t get this email, then you should go through your Bulk or Junk folder. The email might be filtered automatically to any of these folders.

If you still have any troubles regarding confirmation email, then you can send a query email at, anytime. Or, you can visit the “Contact Us” page on their website for further details or concerns.