My Hanover Insurance Policy Account

In this world that is full of happenings, we need to secure our families and other important assets. This is where the role of insurance companies plays its significant part. The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc. offers auto, home, and business insurance plans to both individuals and businesses. They have different insurance plans to fit any life stage and to protect the businesses by providing them the expertise needed to protect what matters most. All policyholders are also provided an online account with many useful tools and features. Today, we will guide you how you can log in to this online account to use its features.

Things You Need

To log in to the My Hanover Policy account, you need to be registered with them. If you are already a registered member, then you should acquire an internet-connected computer to start the login process. Let’s take a look at the process of accessing your online account to use its useful tools and features.

How To Log In To My Hanover Policy Account

Turn on your personal computer and open whatever web browser you use. After that, simply follow the instructions that are available below:

  1. On your web browser, please open the official login page link. The official link is that you need to use.
  2. Now on the login page, you can see the blank fields, like “Username” and “Password”. You should enter your username and password in the two fields, and then click the green “Login” button. Click the option “Remember Username” before clicking the “Log In” button, if you don’t want to provide the login details the next time you wish to sign in to this account.

Now, you will get access to your my Hanover Policy account.

Forgot Password Or Just Want To Change It?

If you ever forget your account password, then you can also retrieve it from the same page. Look at the “Forgot username?” link that is just below the “Log In” button. You can retrieve your password by using this link. You can also change your password by clicking the “Change password” link that is just next to the “Forgot username?” link.