Join Metro Market Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Roundy’s Supermarket, Inc. is an American leading grocer that is owned subsidiary of Kroger. They are running a store chain that provides pharmacy products and services across the nation. Founded in 1872, the company now has 99 pharmacies and 166 stores where they are serving their customers with unparalleled products and service standards. To stay in competition with all the competitors in the market, they always strive hard to deliver the best. To keep their standards up, they regularly ask their customers for their feedback. If you recently visited their store or pharmacy, then you can also share your experience with them. This will help them understand how they can come up with better services in the future.

Roundy’s Supermarket Services

There is a range of services that they have been providing to their customers at different locations. You can also get their products and services online that are available on their website. You can visit their store or website to buy products, such as bakery, deli, and dairy, etc. You can also get general grocery, meat, and frozen food in their stores. To go through the complete list of available products and services, you can go through their website. After buying one of their products, you should also participate in their online survey to share your experience.

Metro Market Customer Satisfaction Survey Requirements

To join this customer satisfaction survey, you need to have your metro market purchase receipt. The purchase receipt is necessary because you need to share its details to begin the survey. The information that you need to share is as follows:

  • Date and time of visit
  • Store number (4 digits)
  • Lane number (2 digits)
  • Transaction number (4 digits)

If you have the recent purchase receipt, then you can participate in the online survey.

Instructions To Join Metro Market Customer Satisfaction Survey

Just keep the purchase receipt handy and perform the simple steps that are mentioned below:

  1. Visit the official Metro Market Customer Satisfaction Survey page using their link:
  2. Now, you need to provide the required details on this screen, and then click the green “Start” button. See the sample image on this page to find the location of this information on your purchase receipt.

You should now share your feedback with the company according to your recent experience. You can also start this survey in Spanish if you do not want to share your views in English.