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Long gone are the days, when people only had TV and print media in their reach to stay updated on what is going around and across the world. But today, you have the internet that offers you the most convenient, fast and cost-efficient way to stay updated. The Kansas City Star is an online news website that you can visit to stay updated on the latest top stories and news. On this website, you can read the latest news and articles on sports, business, food and other important categories. Whether you love politics, or you are looking for sports, business, entertainment, living, and more, you can have it all on their website.

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You can stay connected with the unlimited digital access. Sign up right today for only $1.99 for the first month of access to their website, their digital newspaper, and the mobile apps. After the 1st month, the subscription will automatically be renewed at $12.99/month. You can select 1-month trial from $1.99/month or you can opt for the annual subscription for $129.99 for the entire year. The digital day PASS is also available for $0.99. They also offer digital + home delivery option. If you need help regarding subscription or any other matter, then you can call at 877-962-7827, anytime.

Instructions To Subscribe For The Kansas City Star

If you want to subscribe to their services online, then you simply need to visit their website. Here is what you need to do for online subscription:

  1. Open their official website in any web browser that you normally use. Please use the link: to access their website.
  2. Now on their website, look at the website menu where you will see a “Subscribe” option just next to the “Sign In” option. This option is located on the upper-left hand corner of the webpage. Click “Subscribe” and you will be directed to the subscription page. On this page, click your desired subscription option and you will be sent to a new page.

On the new page, sign up with your email or with your social media accounts. Hit “Continue” button, and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the subscription process.