Buy Saks Fifth Avenue Gift Card Online

Saks Fifth Avenue, like most of the major level companies in the world, knows how to keep their businesses and stores alive all the time of the year, so they are very keen in promoting many new offers after regular intervals with discounted rates and other eye-catching services.

Some of them use gift cards to make this happen by allowing their members to buy one from the online website and get special discounts on the products and win points as well that are redeemable at the stores.

How You Can Buy Saks Fifth Avenue Gift Card

Here is the complete guide to buy the Saks gift card from their website:

  • Make sure that your computer or a laptop is connected to a very constant and decent speed internet connection first of all.
  • Open your internet browser now to visit the official website of the company and then visit its gift cards page.
  • This link will make your task a lot easier by taking you directly to the gift cards buying page of the company:
  • Scroll down on the page and then click onto the black “Purchase” button.
  • Now, scroll down again and then click onto the black “Continue” button.
  • Select the type of the card you want to get by clicking on it to proceed.
  • Select the amount you want on the card by clicking onto the button.
  • Select the quantity in which you want the card.
  • Now, click onto the black “ADD TO BAG” button.
  • Now, on the next page, click onto the black “VIEW MY BAG AND CHECKOUT” button.
  • Review the order on the next page now and then click onto the black “CHECKOUT” button to move to the next page.
  • Now, if you have the account, type in the email address in the first field on the login form now.
  • Provide your password in the field next to it.
  • Click onto the black “SIGN IN & CHECKOUT” button after that, get logged in and provide the further info.
  • If you don’t want to create the account, simply click onto the black “CHECKOUT AS GUEST” button.
  • Provide the title, first name, middle name and the last name in the initial fields now on the next page.
  • Type in your complete address now in the next field, and then provide your city name.
  • Select your state and then provide the zip code in the next field.
  • Check the box below it if you want to make this your billing address as well.
  • Provide the email address and then the phone number and click onto the black “CONTINUE CHECKOUT” button.
  • Select your payment type now, type in the card number and then the name on the card on the next page.
  • Provide the expiry date and the security code in the next field.
  • Provide the promo code and the card number along with the PIN if you want to get a discount or if you want to check the balance respectively.
  • Type in your password now and then confirm it, provide the password hint in the last field.

Click onto the black “CONTINUE CHECKOUT” button now and provide all the remaining demanded info on the next few pages and submit the order at the end.