How To Get Your New RushCard Online

The RushCard comes with great perks and features for the cardholders. When a cardholder funds the account with $100 or more, he/she will enter sweepstakes that can help them win $1000 credit. Currently, they are also offering $100 credits that at least fifty new winners can win every month. No purchase is needed to enter or win the sweepstakes. This is a Prepaid Visa card that comes with many features, such as early direct deposit, security, fraud protection, easy cash loading, withdraw for free, 24/7 support, and round-the-clock mobile access. All you need is to get your card, activate it, and start making moves.

How To Activate A New RushCard?

Once you have received your new RushCard, you will need to set up the card PIN. There are a few ways available that you can use for card activation. Your card can be activated online at using your card PIN, card number, SSN and CVV. Or, you can complete the card activation process using the RushCard mobile app or over a phone call. The phone number is printed on the front side of your card. Once your card is activated, you should fund your card. Keep in mind that there is a one-time RushCard fee of $3.95 or $9.95, so you must fund your account greater than this value.

At a time, you can keep up to 4 different cards. There are two fee plans available. The first one is Rush Unlimited Fee Plan, which is a monthly plan. The other one is Pay As You Go that is a per use plan. If you want to go through the complete fee structure of both plans, then you should go through the Fee Plans page on their site. If your card ever gets stolen or lost, then you should immediately dial 866.787.4227 and talk to their customer service agent. You will get the replacement card within 5 to 7 working days.

Instructions to Get a New RushCard

You can get the new card online by following the steps that are as below:

  1. You should use the link: to visit the official RushCard Prepaid Visa site to begin the process.
  2. Now, click “GET A RUSHCARD” button at the upper-right corner, and then enter your first name, last name, and email address. After that, click “Pick Your Card” button.

On the new page, pick your card design, choose your plan and enter all required information. Finally, click the “Agree & Submit” button to complete the process.