How To Pay Your Quest Diagnostics Patient Bill Online

The Quest Diagnostics is a clinical laboratory in America that has been working since 1967. They help people take necessary actions to improve their health outcomes. They work for patients, physicians & hospitals, and for the companies & organizations. If you are someone who wants to pay the invoice of Quest Diagnostics or who wants to update insurance info, then you can do it online on their site. You simply need to visit their official site and do it there. Or, you can create your online account and manage almost everything from there. In this guide, we will help you know how to pay your bills online. We will also discuss the different features that you can use after signing in to your online account.

Features Of Quest Diagnostics Online Account

This online portal allows you to submit a payment in the most convenient, fast and reliable way. You can update your insurance information as well, anytime. This service also allows you to understand your laboratory invoice if you have any confusion about your invoice. The online account is absolutely secure and you can access it anytime, using your personal computer or tablet. The best part is that you can download the official Quest Diagnostics mobile app in your smartphone to access your account even on the move.

Here are a few more features of the Quest Diagnostics online service:

  • Check the status of your invoice
  • Understand the insurance terms
  • Review the Patient Assistance Program
  • Manage paperless billing

Apart from the above-discussed features, there are also many other perks that you would receive after signing up for their online service. You can pay bills even without signing in to the online account. It takes only a few minutes to pay your bill online.

Instructions To Pay Your Bill Online At Quest Diagnostics

To pay your bill(s) online, here are the simple steps that you are required to copy in any internet browser:

  1. Open any internet browser and use this link: to reach the official Billing Services page on their site.
  2. Now, click the option “Submit a Payment” on the left-hand side that is located on the top of the menu. Right after that, you should enter your Lab Code and the Invoice Number in the matching boxes. Now, click the “Submit” button and follow prompts to pay your patient bill online.

The payment information that you provide on this site to pay your bill remains secure. For more details, you can get help by visiting the “Contact Us” page on their site.