How To Activate Your QRC Card Online

The QRC Card is a prepaid card that you can use to access funds, anytime. Once you have received the card, you need to activate it. If you don’t activate your card, then you might lose all right, interest, and title on your card as well as the underlying funds. You can’t add funds to the QRC card. This is not like the gift cards and you cannot use it for the gifting purpose. You must treat this prepaid card like you treat cash. You should also not take it as a credit card and no interests would be offered to you on the card’s funds. Before we throw light on the card activation process, let’s read some important card information.

Using The QRC Card

Every time you make a transaction through this card, you ensure that you are the card’s authorized user. If you wish that someone else can also use this card, then it is purely as per your consent. The company would treat all such transactions as if you are making those transactions. If you have not activated your card, then you will not be able to complete any transaction.

Foreign Transactions

If you get funds, or if you make any purchase in a foreign country or purchase, then this transaction would be converted automatically to the US dollars. To read in detail about the currency conversion procedure, you can visit their website and go through the “Card Tips” section.

PIN (Personal Identification Number)

You will get a PIN with your card and you can retrieve it by dialing 866.691.4768. This PIN will prevent unauthorized access to the funds in your card. If you ever feel that someone has unauthorized access to your PIN, then you should change it immediately.

Checking Card Balance

You can easily keep track of the card balance online. You can know the card balance by dialing their customer service number or by logging into the online card account. You can access the 60-day account transactions history, anytime, through the online account.

Returns & Refunds

If you want to return a good or service that you purchased using this card, then the merchant will handle your refund request. When the merchant credits your card, the refund amount would be made available after a specific time period.

Now, let’s find out how you can activate your QRC Card on their official website.

Instructions To Activate Your QRC Card Online

Here are the simple instructions that you should follow for online card activation:

  1. To get started, please access the official Activate Rewards webpage by using the link:
  2. On their website, click the blue “Get Started” button that is available in the middle of the web page.

Now, enter your card number and Cvc2 in the matching fields, and then select the option “I’m not a robot”. Click the “Continue” button and follow the remaining instructions to complete the card activation process.