Access Paycheck Records To View Your Pay Stubs

The Paycheck Records is an online portal that allows a company’s employees as well as the individual contractors to view pay stubs. This is a secure online account that you can access and view & print your recent and old pay stubs. But to be able to access this account, your employer must authorize you the access to this service. This service is not yet available for business contractors. You can view and print your pay stubs 24 hours a day, every day. Read this informative post to learn how to access your online account to view & print your old and recent pay stubs.

How Paycheck Records Works

This is a secure site where a company’ employees and contractors can view & print the pay stub online. The business or company must offer you access to Paycheck Records by adding you to the Intuit Full Service Payroll. The employee or contractor would get an email containing a temporary ID and Password. This email will also contain necessary instruction about the sign in process and on how to create a unique, new user ID & password. You should simply follow this email to get the account credentials that you need to sign in to your online account.

After you get permission to access your pay stubs, you can easily view your paychecks that you have been approved for by signing into your online account on this site. To view the specific pay intervals, you can also select the date range that will give you the quick results according to your query. You should know that the inactive or terminated contractors or employees will have access to this service until they are removed by the company or business.

Instructions To View Your Pay Stubs At Paycheck Records

To view your pay stubs online on the official Paycheck Records website, here are the instructions that you need to copy:

  1. Access the official Paycheck Records login page using this link:
  2. Right after, you will see a couple of empty fields on the left-hand side where you need to enter your User ID and password in the matching fields. After entering the login credentials, please click the blue “Sign In” button to access your online account.

There is a “Remember me” option available just above the Sign In button that you can click to help your computer remember your login details the next time. Once logged in, you can view and print your pay stubs.