Access Harland Clarke For My Order Checks

Do you want to re-order checks right from your own place? If yes, then you can visit the Harland Clarke webpage, from where you can do it in a convenient way. If you are someone who has recently placed a checkbook order at the Harland Clarke, then you can use this service for checking the status of your order. In order to access your account, you need to log in using the checking account information. Even if you need to update the shipping address, you can also do it after logging into the online account. In this short guide, we will discuss how you can access this account and we will also show you some of the benefits that this service offers.

Reorder Check Service Benefits

This online service allows you to order your checkbook on the web. It means that you don’t need to visit your bank anymore. Your order will be shipped to your location by them. While ordering, you will also have the option secure trackable or expedited delivery service. You also have the option to cancel your order by dialing 1-800-275-1053. The check price depends on the selected design. For further information on this service, you can also go to their website.

Instructions To Access Order My Checks Online

If you want to use this service to order checks from your home or any other location, then you are supposed to follow these guidelines:

  1. Visit the online portal by accessing the link: In a moment, you will be taken to the webpage where you are going to access this service.
  2. Now, you can see a form in the middle of the webpage. Please fill up this form with 9-digit routing number and the 4-20 digit account number. Also, choose the account type from the available options “Personal” and “Business”. After this, please click the “Continue” button.

Now, you can check the status of your check and the shipping address. This is the easiest and fastest way to order. So, if you want to order your checks, then you can access the service available on this portal, rather than visiting the bank. For more details, you can also go to this website where detailed information is available.