How To Pay NW Natural Bill Online

The NW Natural is a utility company that’s primary business is natural gas distribution. The American company was founded way back in 1859 and they are headquartered in the Portland, Oregon, US. Started with only 49 customers, the company is now serving over 740,000 businesses and homes in 107 different communities in Southwest Washington and Oregon. The reason behind the company’s success isn’t only its top-notch gas distribution services, but also the exceptional customer service that they kept on providing to its customers. As a customer, you can conveniently Pay the bill online that eliminates the hassles of being in the waiting line for long.

NW Natural Bill Payment Options

For the convenience of its customers, the company offers a range of options by which the customers can pay their bills. Here are the available options that you can use to Pay the bill as their customer:

  1. Pay Online

With online bill pay, you can pay your utility bill from the solaces of your couch, anytime. In fact, there is more than one online method available that you can use to pay the bill. You can make your to-do-list less extensive by using Auto Pay that will automatically pay your utility bill, every month.

Pay By Check: This option doesn’t cost you anything, but the auto payment isn’t available with this method. You can use your savings or checking account to pay by check. It is just like you are writing a check to Pay the bill.

Pay By Debit/Credit: This is another free online method to Pay the bill. You can pay the bill using your credit or debit card, but the auto payment option is not available. This method is an ideal choice for those who want to pay their bill quick and with a lot of conveniences.

Quick Pay: This method allows you to pay the bill online using your savings or the checking account. This method lacks the auto-payment feature, but this is a totally free way of paying your bill online. You don’t need any registration one-time payment to use this method.

Paperless: The paperless method is free and you reduce the paper waste using this method. You can use your checking/savings account or your debit/credit card to pay the bill. The auto payment feature doesn’t come with this option.

Auto Pay: If you are someone who often forgets the payment due dates, then this option is a perfect choice for you. You can set automatic payments and Pay the bill automatically without using stamps or checks. This method is absolutely free.

Easy Pay: This is the second method in the list that comes with the auto-payment feature. Fortunately, this also comes without any fee. You can use your savings or the checking account to pay the bill. You can sign up for the Paperless, Equal Pay, and Auto Pay.

  1. Phone Or Mail

If you don’t want to pay online, then you can also pay by phone or mail. To Pay the bill over a phone call, you should dial 800-422-4012. If you want to pay by mail, then you can mail payment to the following address:

NW Natural, Attn.:-Payment Processing, PO Box # 6017 Portland, Oregon.


  1. Pay In Person

You can also pay in person. Find the nearest NW Natural Pay Station around and Pay the bill there. The local merchants are listed on the official website of the company and they are authorized by the company to accept bill payments. If you want to pay in person, then you must keep the following things in mind:

  • Bring your gas account no. or gas.
  • You can pay by cash at all merchants. Some of them may also accept money orders, checks, and debit cards.
  • This service is absolutely free of cost.

If you pay at a location that is not listed on the NW Natural website, then this payment can result in delayed payment posting.

NW Natural Payment Plans

You can also get benefit from their payment plans that are designed to assist you in managing bill as well as lowering the monthly payments. Here are the available payment plans that you should take a look at:

Level Pay: This is a specialized payment plan that will assist you in spreading out the payments over a year.

Current Bill Plus: This is a payment plan that is specially designed for customers who have a past due payment amount.

To read in detail about these payment plans, you can visit the website of the company. Now, let’s see how a customer can pay the utility bill online on their website.

Instructions To Pay NW Natural Bill Online

Here are the simple instructions to follow in order to pay the bill online:

  1. Go to the link: in order to access the official NW Natural website.
  2. Now, you should look for the option “Pay the bill” that is located in the menu of this website. See the below image to find the exact location of this option.

When you move the cursor to this option, all available bill payment options will slide down there. Click the first option “Pay Online”.  Now, click any of the available methods, such as Pay by Check, Pay by Debit/Credit, Quick Pay, Paperless, Auto Pay, and Easy Pay. After that, you should sign in and follow on-screen instructions to Pay the bill.

Note: If you are not yet registered for the online account on their website, then you won’t be able to Pay the bill online. Creating an account on their website is quick and simple. Just click “Register Now” option on their website and complete the registration process by entering your personal information and account information.