Register For My Zone Moves Belt Online

My Zone is a chest belt that monitors a system that shows time and workout, calories, heart rate through monitor/TV or directly on the My Zone app. Just download the app and get the system at your fingertips. Register your belt online at the same time by setting up an online logbook to have a record of all activity. You can access the information anywhere in the world with a simple log in.

Join one of the most versatile and advanced heart rate monitors account the globe. With all the great features such as ant+, memory and group display etc. members can use the “Bluetooth Low Energy” to access the tile directly through Smart devices.

How To Register My Zone Moves Belt Online?

  • First, you need to access link.
  • Choose the “Register Your Belt” green button and select language option in which you want to proceed.
  • Select “English” to continue.
  • Next, you have to put some information in the online form to continue with your registration.
  • Provide facility code, unique belt ID, email address and password.
  • Follow the directions to complete registration successfully.

Useful features include:

  • Analogue
  • Memory
  • Group display
  • Ant+
  • MEPs

Access Personal Fitness Cloud Account:

It’s simple to use and starts with the experts with the trainers that are ever ready to help you to set up your maximum heart rate. Get your belt and start registration online to access the account. Once registration has been done, you are now all set to partake in class.

How Does The System Work For You?

  • Put on the heart monitor belt. You will see the data onto a projection screen or it will store in the belt’s memory. You will full access to the information either in the studio through a screen or outside of the studio by checking out the memory.
  • You can access the details any time through cloud account. Check the confirmation email for uploading the data and results.
  • You need a simple log into your account in order to set personal goals, track exercise activity and more. You will also get a chance to partake in group competitions. Join other smart members and participate in the activities.

    Trainers and coaches will check out your exercise data and give you suggestions and useful advice about your progress, after relevant discussion with you.