Connect NETGEAR Wi-Fi Extenders

In this era of revolution, people can’t imagine accomplishing many of their routine tasks without using the web-based services. To use the online services, you rely on a reliable internet service provider. The internet speed plays a key role in helping people manage their web-based tasks in a quick time. But, you can still experience unreliable internet speed, even after the service provider is known for providing fast internet. This happens when your computer is far away from the Wi-Fi router.

How To Fix Wi-Fi Range Problem?

To settle this problem, you can use a wireless extender for improved signal. If you have a NETGEAR range extender, then you can set it up by logging in into a specific account. In the settings, you can customize the extender features as per your specific requirements. Let’s see how you can connect your NETGEAR Wi-Fi range extender to set up it up.

Connecting NETGEAR Wireless Extender

In order to set up your NETGEAR Wireless Extender, you must be using a computer that is connected to the NETGEAR range extender. Otherwise, you won’t be able to login to the account where you are supposed to change or modify the settings. Here are the steps that you need to perform on your NETGEAR range extender connected computer:

  1. Visit the official NETGEAR wireless extender page on your web browser. The link to that official page is 
  2. Once there, you can see the button “New Extender Setup” on the computer screen. Just click that button to enter the settings. If you are not connected to the internet using the wireless extender, then you will be notified as “You are not connected to your extender’s Wi-Fi network”.

After clicking the “New Extender Setup” button, you can easily change the settings of the wireless extender as per your needs. If you have troubles connecting to the, then you should bring the range extender in the same room where your wireless router is. Make sure that the NETGEAR range extender is also powered on by looking at its power LED lights. For complete instructions, please see visit the website.