Join Acurian Health For Clinical Research Studies

It is necessary to examine if a medication and treatment that are under development are effective and safe. For this purpose, a research project is carried out that is known as the Clinical Research Study. Every single study is unique and is conducted for the diverse reasons. These clinical research studies are performed with the help of human volunteers. Every single participant is kept under the stringent supervision of the doctors or/and health professionals until the very end of the study. During the trial or study, the patients may get a study placebo or medication (without active medication). As the study goes on, wide-ranging information is collected about the device or treatment under investigation.

Before you decide to be a part of any clinical research study, you must understand clinical research and research study in general. This is how you can make a perfect decision. Acurian Health is your best guide to get connected to the clinical research studies. In this article, you are about to learn about the Acurian Health and we will also tell you how to join them for the clinical research studies.

About Acurian Health

The Acurian Health assists you to connect with the clinical research studies, offering treatments that are under development. They match hundreds of the research studies to thousands of people across the world. As a part of the Acurian, a multinational company that engages and enrolls patients in the clinical studies, the Acurian Health is assisting advance health research. The studies may offer:

  • Free study-related care
  • Access to the underdevelopment treatment
  • Possible compensation

This is an online portal that is designed in order to spread information about the clinical studies as well as to know if you qualify for it. It is a mobile-friendly website, which means that you can access it even on the move using your smart device.

Why Should You Participate?

There are different reasons why you should participate in the clinical trial. Apart from advancing medical research, the participants might also be able to access the most recent devices of medicines under development. Different studies can offer you the following:

  • Free of cost study-related care from the local specialist and/or physicians
  • Free study-related medications
  • Payment for your travel and time
  • A chance to assist advance medical research

Health insurance isn’t a requirement and it is really simple to see if you qualify for the clinical studies enrolling now.

How To See, If You Qualify?

A clinical research trial is conducted across the United States as well as the world for a number of different conditions. The local doctors who treat a patient outside of the clinical trials might be involved with the study. Or, the location of the study may be the office of the doctor where only clinical trials are conducted. In any way, the research site requires specific information from you before your participation to see whether or not you are eligible. The information that you provide is kept confidential.

If you qualify, then you may get:

  • Free of cost study medication
  • Free study-related care from the doctors
  • A payment that varies by the trial up to $1000

You can check your eligibility online on their website by providing your date of birth and following the on-screen instructions. For eligibility concerns, you can also call them by dialing 888-351-9685.

Studies To Enroll

You can visit their official website to see the studies in which you can enroll now. Currently, you can enroll for Ankylosing Spondylitis, Cluster Headache, Crohn’s, Depression, Diabetes, Diabetic Nerve Pain, Pediatric ADHD, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ulcerative Colitis, Women’s Health, Osteoarthritis, and other.

Do These Trials Provide Payments?

There are some studies that may offer you the payment in order to cover the costs that are related to your travel and time. This can vary with the location and study. The trial site would be able to offer the information about the payment before you choose to participate.

Can A Clinical Research Study Be Left After It Has Begun?

Yes, you can leave the research trial, anytime. If you have decided that you should leave the study, then you need to tell the research team or the doctor. Also, tell the research team or doctor why you are leaving this clinical research study.

What Happens, When The Clinical Research Study Is Finished?

When the clinical research study finishes, the information is gathered and analyzed. This information is used to decide the effectiveness, safety, and the side effects of the medication and device. In the United States, the FDA gives the final approval. There are similar organizations outside the United States that provide approval. We advise you to get in touch with your doctor about the post-study treatment plan.

Instructions To Join Acurian Health For Clinical Research Studies

You can easily join their community of the 100+ million household database on their website. Here are the simple steps that you need to perform to join AcurianHealth:

  1. Start the process by visiting their official website. To visit their website, you can use the link:
  2. Once there, you should find and click the “JOIN” option. This is located on the upper-right corner of the website. See below image to find the exact location. After clicking this option, you will get to a new page where you need to fill up all the required fields. Enter your name, birth date, gender, email, phone, home address, state, Zip code, and country in the matching fields. After that, select the conditions that you are interested in, and agree to their terms & conditions by clicking “I agree” option. Click “I’m not a robot” and finally click the “Send” button.

This is how you can join Acurian Health on their official website. You will get the notification alert by postal mail and/or email about the relevant clinical trial opportunities and healthcare information in your area for your selected medical conditions. You can also visit the “FAQs” page on their website to learn more about this opportunity.