How To Buy A Subway Card Online

Are you a big fan of Subway and frequently visit them and enjoy your favorite meal? If yes, then you would probably be aware of the Subway Card. If not, then you can read this guide till the end to know what this card is and how you can buy it for someone that you love. This card is a great choice to say thanks or presenting a gift to someone who is already a big fan of the Subway menu. This is a gift card loaded with the Canadian or U.S. currency. You can use this card for purchasing services and goods at different participating Subway restaurants in Canada and the United States. You can also use this card online on the official Subway website or while using their official app.

You cannot use the Subway Card to buy other cards. The card cannot be redeemed for the cash apart from where it is required by the law. To be able to use the Subway Card, you might also need to register it first on their official website. For further details and terms & conditions, you can visit the official Subway website, any time.

Maximum Subway Card Value

The Subway Cards are available to buy between $5 – $500 amounts. The maximum card value at any time in a card could be as much as $500. It means that you can only load up to $500 on your card after spending all available funds on the card. You can also load as low as $5 on your card.

Where To Buy A Subway Card?

If you want to buy a physical Subway Card, then you can buy it at one of the Subway’s participating restaurants all across Canada and the United States. There are also some authorized online stores, retailers and resellers where you can buy this card. For your convenience, the Subway also allows you to buy their cards online on their official website. The cards can also be purchased in bulk and for the corporate needs. You can go through the section of the corporate cards on their website for more details. Therefore, there are so many ways by which you can buy a Subway Card and enjoy the convenience of shopping at their participant locations and online without any cash in your wallet.

Is It Possible To Reload And Reuse This Card?

Why not! You can keep your card loaded and have the delicious Subway meal at the convenience of your fingertips. To reload your card, you can visit the nearest participating location or you can also visit their website to reload your card. This feature makes the Subway cards even more exciting. The best part is that you can reload a card for someone else as well. All you need is to make sure that you have registered the Subway card before you permit anyone else who can use it. You simply need to sign in to the online Subway account and then reload the card with whatever amount you want.

Where Can You Use This Card?

You can use your card at any participating location of the Subway all across the United States and Canada. You can also redeem your Subway Card online at their website and even though their official mobile app. There is no service fee for using this card, wherever you use it. It is a no-charge service offered to the customers of the Subway to offer them convenience when paying for the restaurant menu items.

Does Subway Card Expire?

There is no expiry date for any of the Subway Cards. They also don’t charge any service fee with the card use and there is also no penalty for dormancy. However, some special promotional cards may have expiring balances and they are available on the limited basis. Such cards will have their start and expiry date clearly marked on the card’s front side.

Instructions To Buy A Subway Card Online

If you want to buy a Subway Card online, then you should make sure that your computer is connected to the internet. You can use any updated internet browser to apply for the card online. Here are the couple of simple steps that you need to perform in order to buy a card online:

  1. Launch an internet browser and copy the link: into the address bar of it. Hit Enter button on your keyboard to reach the official webpage of the Subway that they have designed to let you buy their cards online.
  2. Now on their website, you can see a “Buy a card” option just below the slider image of the website. Click the card image, and then you will be directed to a new page where you can see the two options, such as “Send an eGift Card” and “Send a Gif card by mail”.

If you want to send a gift card online to your loved one, then click the first option “Send an eGift Card”. If I wish to send the card by mail to someone, then click the option “Send a Gif card by mail”. After that, you simply need to follow the on-screen instructions to buy the card online. You can personalize the gift card online to express your love and feelings. If you have any questions, then you should go through the “FAQs” section on their website.