Check My Prepaid Card Balance Online

If you hold a prepaid debit card, then you can check its balance, anytime, and from anywhere by doing a couple of simple steps. There is an online portal called My Prepaid Balance that you need to access in order to check your card balance. The MetaBank has offered an online service that is known as AAA prepaid cards. So, checking your card balance is now easy and fast. Apart from checking the card balance, there are also many other perks that a cardholder will enjoy. All you need is to sign the online account ad this is what we are going to show you in this guide. But before we discuss that, let’s see some other features of this online account.

Additional Account Features

Apart from checking the card balance, a cardholder can also add more than one card that allows you to view the balance and transactions of all cards without providing the card numbers all the times. You can view your transaction history, set up direct deposit, reload your card, and manage account I an easy manner. There is also the availability of the mobile app that you can install on your Smartphone to access all these services from your mobile phone or other smart devices.

Instructions To Check My Prepaid Balance Online

If you want to check the balance of your prepaid debit card online, then you should perform these simple steps on your PC:

  1. Access the official webpage designed to help the cardholders view their card balance, transactions, and other important information. To visit this page, please follow the link:
  2. Now, you are supposed to enter your card number, month, year, and card security code (CSC) or card ID in the required fields. You need to enter this detail in the small form that is located on the left-hand side of the page. After entering this details just hit the “Go!” button that is available just below the “CSC” box.

Now, you will be signed into your online card account. From there, you can view your card balance and perform the other activities that are allowed by them for the cardholders. If you are new on this website, then create your online account by clicking the “Create Account” button located on the top right-hand side of the webpage.