How To Check My Prepaid Card Balance

Do you have a My Prepaid Card? If yes, then you can sign in to your online account to get the card information, such as remaining balance. Basically, there are a couple of ways available by which you can know your card balance. You can do it either online or over a phone call. You simply need to sign in to the online account and share your card details, such as card number and the expiry date. Apart from checking the card balance, you can also view other important information, such as transaction history, etc. Before we show you how to access this online account to check the card balance, let’s go through the quick card details first.

How To Get More Info About My Prepaid Card?

If you are looking for the detailed information about the card, then you should simply sign in to the online account. Or, you can also call the Cardholder Services by dialing their toll-free number. The toll-free number is available on the back side of your card. If you encounter an issue at any point of sale, then you should direct that merchant dial the Cardholder Services’ toll-free number.

About Lost Or Stolen Cards

If a card is stolen or lost, then the cardholder is advised to immediately call their helpline and report it by providing his/her card number. The cardholder will receive the replacement card within 7 to 10 working days. You should keep in mind that there is a card replacement fee that you will have to pay for getting the replacement card.

Getting The Transactions Summary

For the convenience of the cardholders, the company has designed a “My Cards” page that they can access after signing in to the online account. After accessing that page, you will be able to see a 30 day summary of the transactions.

Instructions To Check My Prepaid Card Balance

To see your card balance online, you need to have a personal computer with internet access. Here is how you can see your card balance using your PC:

  1. Open the link: using an updated internet browser to access the official My Prepaid Card Sign In site.
  2. On the first page on their site, you need to enter the number shown in the given field and click “Submit” button to prove you are a human. Right after, you will be directed to a new page where you need to enter the card sign in details.

On the sign-in page, enter the last four digits of your card number, Zip (or activation) code, and the card holder’s last name. Finally, click “Sign In” button to access your online account from where you can check your card balance and transaction history.