Reclaim My Panera Missed Visit Credit Online

You can visit your nearest Panera bread restaurant and show your card to get credit. But, if you ever forget to show your card during your visit at one of their participating locations, then you still have the option to access the credit for your recent visit. How is this possible? This is possible through an online portal if you are a member of their rewards program. In this post, we will discuss how to get credit for a missed visit.

What You Need To Reclaim Credit

Every receipt has a code that is printed on the bottom of it. By using this code, you can reclaim your credit that you have missed during your recent visit. In case if you don’t see any code located on your receipt, then it means that the credit was already transferred to you and the visit was successfully tracked. This program is only for those who own a registered card and also registered on this online portal. Now, let us show you the step-by-step guide that you need to follow for reclaiming credit on this portal.

Instructions To Reclaim Credit At My Panera Missed Visit

The process to reclaim credit on their official online portal is quite simple. You just have to follow these simple instructions to get credit for your missed visit:

  1. To access the online portal where you can reclaim credit, please visit the link: At this moment, make sure that you have the recent purchase receipt.
  2. Now, find the code on the receipt, and then enter this code in the required fields available on this page. After that, simply click the red “Redeem Code” button. Right after, you will get the credit for your purchase that you made recently.

On the same webpage, you can also read detailed information about their product and services. You can go through their complete list of menu items including food and nutrition, locations, and much more. There is a search box available on top of the website that you can use to search for your required service or information in a quick manner.