Get Pre-Registered For My Novant Appointment

My chart is a secure connection to your medical information. Sign in to access your secure health records. To find a provider or doctor that is right for your loved ones and you simply use online provider directory. It allows you to choose either a major care provider or an expert at any of its affiliated clinics. There are different techniques to start your search such as search by medical specialty, search by provider name and search by first available appointment.

Pre-register in advance to get an appointment at a physician clinic. Registration also allows you to visit/procedure hospital with a simple online request. You need to complete the Pre-registration up to 24 hours before a planned scheduled time.

Complete Procedure:

  • Go to the link that is from your web browser.
  • Enter your login details in the specified section using your username and password.
  • Press the “Sign In” button.


  • Fill out the form with required details such as the type of registration, location and patient’s name, date of birth, SSN, gender, phone number, email address and residential address as well as employment status.
  • Next, provide emergency contact and insurance information to submit the form.

Mobile App:

Now you can securely access the services from your phone anytime anywhere on the go. Novant Health’s MyChart app permits the user to access;

  • Appointment information on the go.
  • Lab results on time.
  • Immunization history when you need it.
  • Current medications available to you.
  • Important health reminders before anyone else.
  • Pay your medical bills through secure channels.
  • After visiting summaries with ease.

You can do all the functions mentioned above all from the convenience of your phone. Hurry up, Download the app on your Android mobile device or iPhone and activate your account, you can upload and install the app by searching for it in the Google Play or App Store. Make sure to select “Novant Health” before your search.

Secure Medical Information:

Use your account to make appointments and get secure, online connection to your medical information.

Contact Information:

Call toll-free 1-888-844-0080 and choose option 3 to pre-register with one of the pre-registration associates in case a hospital system is listed for less than 24 hours away.

Call toll-free 1-866-273-2067 to pre-register If a physician clinic visit is programmed for less than 24 hours away.