Bank Of America Credit Card Application

The Bank of America is offering easy to use credit cards with great benefits to its customers with good credit history. There are different types of credit cards that the bank offers. You can apply for their cash rewards credit card, travel rewards credit card, premium rewards credit card, Alaska Airline visa signature credit card and more. There are a number of options available that helps you choose the perfect one for you as per your specific requirements.

Got A Credit Card Offer From The Bank?

If you are one of the bank’s loyal customers with a good credit history, then the bank may give you a credit card offer. You will receive a request form from the bank via mail. On the request form, there will be a Zip code and Personal Secure Code printed. You will need this information to complete your credit card application online. To process the applications online, the bank has designed a My New Card secure site and the information that you provide on this site will be kept private by the bank. Let’s see how the procedure works.

Instructions For Bank Of America Credit Card Application

Get your credit card offer request form handy and turn on your personal computer to perform the mentioned steps for completing the online credit card application:

  1. In your web browser, please open the link: This link will take you to their official My New Card secure site.
  2. Once you are there on the site, you can see five blank boxes. In the first four boxes, please enter your Personal Secure Code. In the last blank box, enter the Zip code, and then click the blue colored “Continue” button.

Just follow a few simple instructions that appear on your computer screen to complete the credit card application. The entire process should not take more than 5 minutes.

Misplaced the Personal Secure Code?

If you have lost your Personal Secure Code or if you need any assistance in providing the Personal Secure Code, then you can call their helpline. The bank’s helpline number is 1.800.932.2775 that you can dial anytime, round the clock. You can also go through the credit card details and other offers by the bank on their professional website.