How to Participate In KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey

KFC, previously known as Kentucky Fried Chicken is a well-known, multinational fast food restaurant company that was founded in 1930. The company prepares the most delicious and healthiest fast food for their customers that make them a leading restaurant company, worldwide. Product quality is not their single priority as the company pays special attention to their customer satisfaction. To know how they are doing and what their customers think about their overall product quality and standards, the company regularly asks them questions through online surveys. If you frequently visit the restaurant or have recently been there, then you can participate in the KFC customer satisfaction survey right today.

Importance Of Online Surveys

Online surveys have become a fast and the most convenient way to communicate with the customers for any types of businesses. The best thing about these surveys is that you can initiate such surveys from anywhere and anytime. To take an online survey, you simply need an internet connected computer. Some online surveys can even be started from the smart devices, like a smartphone or tablet. Here is how an online survey is important for the businesses and the consumers or customers:


Reaching thousands of customers in the market and getting their feedback or opinions is a much difficult process that is time-consuming too. Today, a business can just create an online survey and spread it to millions of customers on the web in a few minutes. Another benefit is that it doesn’t cost anything to create and spread these online surveys. People answer the survey questions and the host gets thousands of significant views and feedback in no time. This helps them improve their overall product and service standards.


As a customer, you get the chance to share your recent and past experiences with the product and service providers that you frequently visit. To complete an online survey, you only need to spend maximum 5 minutes of time on the web, while communicating your important feedback. Your feedback reaches the product/service providers in a few minutes they will go through it and take appropriate actions according to that. Ultimately, you will start to get improved products and services in the future.

KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey Requirements

In order to participate in the KFC customer satisfaction survey, you must need to have the purchase receipt. This is the receipt that you should have got in your last visit. On the receipt, there will be a survey code printed that you need to use to launch the online survey. In case if you can’t find the survey code on your receipt, you can still take part in the survey by using the following details:

  • Store number
  • Date of purchase
  • Time of purchase
  • Ticket number

All this information is available on your purchase receipt. If you have lost the purchase receipt, then you won’t be able to share your experience with the company. Or, you can come back and participate in this survey after your next visit at any of their branches, but make sure you get the purchase receipt. You need a PC with internet access to start the survey.

This Is A Limited Time Survey

The survey won’t be there forever. Once the company gets enough feedback from their customers about their recent performance, they will end this survey. So, it’s a limited time opportunity for you to share your opinions and help them improve their overall standards. If you get a message, like “This survey has expired”, then you can check again in a few days to see if they have launched a new survey. Now, let’s discuss how you can participate in this short, online survey to share your story.

Instructions To Take Part In KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey

Turn on your personal computer and be sure that it is connected to the internet. Have your recent purchase receipt in hand and follow the below-listed steps to complete their online survey:

  1. To begin the online survey, you should follow the link: Shortly, you will be on their official survey page.
  2. Now on the survey page, you can see a blank field, along with three drops down selection boxes. Enter your survey code in the first field, and then select the time of the visit. You can find the survey code and time of the visit on your purchase receipt. See below image to find the details on your receipt. After entering the required information, click the red “Start” button.

If you can’t find the survey code on your receipt, then you can start this survey by clicking the blue colored “click here” text on the survey page just above the survey code blank field. After clicking this link, enter the store number that you visited, date, time and ticket number. Hit the “Start button after that. Now the survey will begin and the questions will appear on your computer screen. Just answer all the survey questions to share your candid feedback with the KFC.

You are advised to share your true experience because the information you provide will ultimately help you receive better products and services in the future. This is how the leading companies and businesses get in touch with their customers and clients to get the customer feedback and improve their overall standards. You can also read survey rules and regulations on their survey page.