How To Apply For JetBlue Credit Card

There are a couple of options available when it comes to choosing the JetBlue Card. The JetBlue Card which is a no-annual-fee card and also the JetBlue Plus Card. Both cards come with great perks for people who are frequent travelers. There are plenty of perks available, such as free of cost checked baggage, anniversary bonus, an airline credit. The Plus Card comes with a $99 annual fee that is a bit higher when compared to the other available credit cards on the market. If your spending per year on the JetBlue purchases is like $920 or more, then you can take advantage of the Plus Card. In this guide, you will learn what card you should opt for and how you can apply for the one.

JetBlue Credit Cards: Quick Facts

JetBlue offers you in-flight discounts as well as credits on the Gateway packages. This is also a good choice for the people who are looking for the credit card without any foreign transaction fee. However, the points that you earn will not be as flexible as many other airlines offer and this is because there are only a few alliances available. If you have the Plus Card, then you must book at least one ticket of JetBlue every year, or must earn approximately 8250 points annually. Otherwise, you will lose money every year.

If you use your card for the JetBlue-related expenses, then you need to spend around $125 in a year in order to recover the card’s annual fee. Both cards offer some great perks for the everyday use. If you use one of these cards and spend $1 at grocery or dining, then you will get 2 (two) TrueBlue points. This is another great benefit that you would enjoy as a cardholder.

If you are a frequent JetBlue flyer who fly at least once in a year and book the vacation getaways, check bags, or if your grocery spending is high, then the Plus Card is the right choice. On the other hands, if you are a low spender or if you travel less and need a card with no annual fee you should opt for the JetBlue Card.

JetBlue Credit Card Benefits, Features, And Rewards

The major benefit of using the JetBlue Credit Cards is that you will earn TrueBlue points. Six (6) points are earned on every single dollar that you spend while paying for the co-branded airline flights using your JetBlue Plus Card. If you use the simple JetBlue Credit card, then you will earn three (3) points on every single dollar that you spend. This is 3 to 6 points better on a single dollar spent as compared to what you usually earn while booking a flight.

Additionally, if you use this card for grocery and restaurant purchases, then you will earn 2 points on one dollar purchase. Elsewhere, you will earn 1 point for every single dollar spent. That means that there are rewards wherever you purchase items using the JetBlue cards and this is something that you would love. As a Plus Cardholder, you will also get a point dividend of 10% by redeeming your points. For instance, by redeeming 20,000 points towards the flight, your account would be credited with 2,000.

If you spend $1000 on the purchases within the 1st 90 (ninety) days on the Plus Card, then you will for the 30000 bonus points. This is definitely a great welcome gift that you would find really impressive and fruitful. If you have the Old Amex JetBlue card and you upgrade to the JetBlue credit card, then you may also earn $100 companion bonus. Both cards come with 0% foreign transaction fee and 50% in-flight discount.

For the current sign up promo, anniversary points, APR, earnings rate, and credit requirement, you should access their official website, any time. Now, let’s find out how you can apply for any of the available credit cards offered by the JetBlue.

Instructions To Apply For The JetBlue Credit Card

Whatever card you select, you can apply for it online. You can even go through the complete details of available options on their website before submitting an online application. Let’s see how one can apply for their credit card:

  1. Start the process by visiting the official JetBlue Credit Card webpage that accepts the online application. Use the link: to get to the required webpage.
  2. After arriving at the webpage, you can see a green colored “Apply now” button on the top-right corner of the page. This button is also available on the slider image just net to the credit card image. Click this button to start the online application process.
  3. Now you can see that a new credit card application page is opened. Start filling up the application form with the general information. Enter your name, address, and the residence status.
  4. After that, enter the employment and financial information, like your occupation, total annual income, and other details. You also need to enter your contact information and security information in the matching fields. If you want, then opt for the paperless statements as well.
  5. Enter your TrueBlue member number, if you are a current member. Add a balance transfer and read their terms and conditions. Finally, click the “Apply” button that is available at the bottom right-hand side of this page.

This way, you can submit the online JetBlue credit card application online. Before you apply for this card, we recommend that you must go through the complete card details. This is the only way you can understand whether or not you are going to select the right option according to your needs.