Update Your Logitech Harmony Software

Logitech offers a range of technology-based products to homes and businesses that can be used to bring ease and convenience in routine daily activities. Among many devices, Logitech Harmony universal remotes are currently the trendiest gadgets that can be used to control the home media, like lighting and many other smart devices right from a single place. The universal remote controls easy to use, easy to set up and provides you a great control over your home media devices. You can enjoy and personalize one-touch activities of many devices, like lights, thermostat, sensors, locks, home entertainment devices, and more.

Logitech Harmony Supported Devices

Logitech Harmony universal remotes support over 270000 devices from more than 6000 brands. This technology is simply a very powerful tool to get you full control over many of your smart home devices. You can buy the universal remotes from their official website to connect your home media for an easy and hassle-free use of many smart home devices. Let’s take a look at how you can check the compatibility of your device with the Harmony database.

Steps To Check Compatibility Of Your Device For Software Updation

Whether you have Microsoft Xbox, Sony BDP, Apple MacBook Air, Sony PlayStation, or another such device at home, you can connect it with the Harmony remotes. Here is how you can check the compatibility of your device with the Harmony database:

  1. Visit the official Logitech Harmony website on your personal computer. Launch the web browser that you use, and then open the link: www.myharmony.com. This will help you access the official website.
  2. Now on the website, you can see 4 different options, such as Products, Compatibility, Sign In/Set Up, and Support. Click the button “Compatibility”.

Right after you click the “Compatibility” button you can see the blank fields “Manufacturer” and “Model Number or Product Name”. Enter your device information in these fields and finally click the “Search” button. This will show you whether or not your device is supported by the Logitech Harmony remotes.

On the same website, you can also sign in or set up your device activities as per your requirements. You can also go through their “Products” page to see the available products of your interest. For further information, you can go through their “Support” page on the website.