Activate MyDeluxeCards Online

Deluxe Cards offer plenty of benefits to the cardholders. There are basically two types of Deluxe Cards, such as DeluxeCard Visa Gift Card and DeluxeCard Visa Reward Card. Both have some great perks for you that you can grab by simply acquiring any of the two. The gift cards are the non-reloadable gift cards that can be used all across the world, wherever the Visa debit cards are accepted. These cards are a perfect choice to gift someone as it offers them the freedom to buy their desired gifts, using the gift card. On the other hands, their Visa reward cards work like the traditional reward cards.

My Deluxe Cards Activation Requirements

If you have got one of their debit Visa cards, then you can activate MyDeluxeCards online right from your home. The things that you need at the time of activation are, obviously your debit card, a personal computer, and internet connection. Now, let us guide you how you can activate your card online to start enjoying the perks that it has to offer you.

Instructions To Activate MyDeluxeCards Online

You should just turn on your personal computer that is connected to the internet and keep your debit card handy. Here are the instructions that you should follow for activating the My Deluxe Cards online:

  1. Visit the My Deluxe Cards website by using the link: You can visit this link in whatever web browser you normally use on your personal computer.
  2. Once you are on their official webpage, you can see the two different card images on the screen. Here, you should click on the card type that you want to activate. For instance, click on the “DeluxeCard Visa Reward Card” to activate this card.

Now, you will be on the webpage that is designed to let you activate your Visa Reward Card. Here, you can activate your card by clicking the “Activate Card” option followed by following the on-screen instructions.

If you find any difficulties during the card activation process, then you can also call their helpline. The DeluxeCard customer service number is 1-866-255-9831 that you can dial anytime, during the business hours. For more information, please visit their website.