Take My California Permit Course Online

So, you want to get the DMV California driving permit? Well, you need to prepare yourself for that by taking an appropriate driver education course. The My California Permit is an online platform where you can take online driving courses in that regard. You just have to complete an 11 lesson DMV approved course on their website to pass your final test to get the DMV certificate. This is an informative guide for those who want to know how to take an online driving course for the preparation of the final test.

When And How You Get DMV Completion Certificate?

The completion certificate will be sent to you by the US mail within a few days only. This is surely the fastest way to take the driver education, and then get the completion certificate in a convenient way. For the past decade, there are hundreds of hundred teenagers who have used this online platform to take the online driving course for the preparation of their driving test. Before you pay for their online course, you can view the driver education course and can also take their test many times until you pass. Let’s find out how one can take the online driving course on their website.

Instructions To Take Online Course At My California Permit

It is quite simple and fast to start the process. You just need to visit their official webpage on your personal computer and perform a couple of simple steps that we have mentioned below:

  1. Open the link: www.mycaliforniapermit.com in your web browser to access their official webpage.
  2. Once you are on their homepage, you can see a green “Start Now” button that you need to click to start the process. Now, enroll yourself by providing your student information, shipping address and the credit card payment information. Agree to their terms and conditions, and then click the “Submit” button to get started.

Once you are enrolled on their website and your payment is approved, you can start the lessons as per your schedule. If you have any queries, then you can visit the “Questions” page that you can find in the header of the website.