Check Your LendingClub Loan Rate Online

If you want to apply for the personal, business, or auto loan at the LendingClub, then you can also check your loan rate first on their website. You don’t need to sign in or sign up for the online account on their website. Just select the type of loan you want to apply for on their webpage, and then check your rate by entering the amount you want to borrow in their online application. They are providing personal loans up to $40,000. They currently have more than 2 million customers. In this post, we will help you know how you can check your loan rate on their website. Before we show you the process to check rates, let’s find out how this lending system works.

How Does It Work?

The Lending Club is not a bank. They connect the investors with borrowers via their online marketplace. An investor purchase notes in exchange for the solid returns that correspond to the fractions of the loan. Lending Club screens the borrowers and facilitates the transaction, and then service the loan. After checking the loan rate, you can also apply for the loan on their official website. Checking your rate on their website will not impact your credit score. Now, let’s find out how to check your rate on their website using your personal computer.

Instructions To Check Your Loan Rate At LendingClub

To check your loan rate, you simply need to have a personal computer and a reliable internet connection. Here is how you can do this:

  1. Power on your internet-connected PC, launch a web browser and visit their official website. The link: will take you to their website.
  2. After arriving at their website, you will see a form in the slider of the webpage. In the first box on that form, enter the amount that you want to borrow. Choose what’s the money for? from the second drop-down option in that form. Finally, click the blue “Check Your Rate” button to check the rate.

This is how you can easily check your rate online on their official website. If you have any queries or questions about their services, then you should get in touch with their support team.