Activate ITS Prepaid Payroll Card Online

The ITS Prepaid Self Service Portal allows you to activate your payroll card online in a simple and fast way. So, if you have a new card, they can now update it right from your home or wherever you are. All you need is a PC, an internet connection and obviously the card that you want to activate. Apart from card activation service, there is also a login option available on their online portal that cardholders can access by providing their card number and access code. To get benefit from the services that you can get after login, you must register for the online account.

Payroll Card Benefits

With your payroll card, you can access the funds in a secure, convenient and fast manner. You can use this card at different places, such as grocery stores and gas pumps. You can even use this card for the bill payment and online shopping. If you want to view your card balance or the history of your account transaction, then you can do it by simply accessing your online account.  To access your online account, just visit their official webpage where you need to fill the “Account Login” form with your card number and access code. Hit “Login” button to get into your card account.

Instructions To Activate Your Payroll Card At ITS Prepaid Self Service

Just get your payroll prepaid card ready in your hands, and then perform the below mentioned simple steps to activate the card:

  1. Access their card activation or account portal webpage on your personal computer. To access this page, use the link
  2. Now, there is an option on this webpage “Activate Your Card” that you should click to get the things started. After that, provide your card number in the 4 blank boxes that you see on the new card activation page. Click “Submit” button to activate your card.

Your funds will automatically be transferred to your card once you have activated it and your employer has transferred funds to you.

Download The Mobile App

To login to your online payroll card account, you can also download their official mobile app that is available for the iOS and Android users. The mobile app will allow you to access your card information even on the move. For further information, please go to their website.