How To Join Hurricane Grill & Wings Survey

The Hurricane Grill & Wings is an American restaurant company that has been operating in the 15 U.S. states. The company is based in Florida and they are serving their customers at 71 different locations. They serve 30+ signature sauces as well as rubs and especially recognized for their jumbo fresh wings as well as the tropical vibe. Founded in the year 1995, the restaurant company is known for their delicious food items and exceptional customer support. Currently, they have launched an online customer satisfaction survey for their customers through which they are going to get the feedback of their loyal customers.

Hurricane Grills & Wings Customer Satisfaction Survey Requirements

This is an online survey, so you need to have an internet-connected computer or a laptop. Alongside that, you also need to have your recent purchase receipt at the time of survey entry. You can even partake in the survey on your Smartphone. The survey is available only in the English language, so you must be English literate to complete this survey. Your 4-digit store number and the check number is necessary to enter this survey. This survey can be completed from wherever you are. Now, let’s see how to join this online survey to share your recent purchase experience.

Instructions To Join Hurricane Grill & Wings Survey

Participation in this online survey is fast and easy. You should simply turn on your PC and launch the internet browser that you usually use. After that, follow these instructions to complete their customer satisfaction survey:

  1. To start this survey, you need to follow the link: that will help you get to the official Hurricane Grills & Wings survey page. Right after, you should see a “Thank You” message from them appreciating you for taking part in this survey. After reading this information, click the “Next” button.
  2. Now on the next page, enter your four digit store number and the check number in the corresponding fields. This information is available on your purchase receipt. You should enter the check number before the dash. After entering the details, click the “Next” button to proceed further.

Now, a series of the survey questions will appear on your computer screen. Answer all the questions as per your recent purchase experience. After answering all survey questions, your feedback will be submitted automatically. You can also read the privacy policy of this survey by clicking the “Privacy Policy” link that is available at the bottom side of the survey page.