Buy A GameStop Gift Cards For Your Friends

GameStop, that is known to give power to the game players, have also introduced the captivating gift cards for the clients. These cards can be purchased online for the loved ones who have a special event coming up in their life. The cards can be purchased for the events like birthdays, weddings, and other events. Using the Game Stop gift card, one can buy a bundle of cool stuff from their authorized stores. The cards are also available in different designs with different cash values, starting from $10. The best thing about these gift cards is that they offer you an opportunity to let your loved one buy whatever they wish to on their special day.

How to Buy a GameStop Gift Cards:

Want to gift a GameStop Card to someone? Have your personal computer connected to the internet, and then the below steps will buy you the card:

  • Whatever internet browser you use, open it, and type in its address bar. Hit enter.
  • You are now at the Game Stop official page where you are going to order the gift card/s online.
  • Under the “GIFT CARDS” heading on the main page, there are the two options under “Choose Type” named as “Digital Card” and “Physical Card”.
  • Now, it’s up to you which card type you wish to buy. Let’s say you wish to have the card delivered physically to the recipient location, and then select the “Physical Card” option.
  • After selecting the card type, choose or enter the card amount.
  • Enter the quantity, the number of cards you wish to buy.
  • Now, click the red “Add to Cart” button.
  • Now, your card is added to the cart and on this new page you have to select the checkout method.
  • Check out with the PayPal by clicking on its yellow button, or click the green “CONTINUE CHECKOUT” button.
  • Now, create an account or simply click on the “Buy as a Guest” button.
  • Here on this page, provide the shipping information and click “CONTINUE CHECKOUT” button again.
  • Go to the “Handling Options” and proceed with the checkout process.
  • No, select the “Payment Options” and continue the process.
  • Confirm your order now as it is the last page you need to go through to complete the process.

That was a real simple process to buy one of the gift cards. I am hopeful that this writing would have helped you understand how to buy a gift card. you can also check GameStop gift card balance.

Types Of GameStop Gift Cards:

Basically, the GameStop is offering two options to the gift card seekers. The Digital Card can be purchased to use it online at their official website, or at Game Stop. On the other hand, there is a Physical Card that is delivered for free at the recipient’s address through standard mail service. It takes a maximum of 1-2 weeks to arrive at the recipient address. One can also order multiple gift cards, so you are not bound to send a single gift card to your loved ones.