Fill GameStop Credit Card Application Online

GameStop is offering the credit cards to its loyal customers, and this allows the customers to get benefit from many of their benefits that they have added. The GameStop doesn’t have a very good reputation in the gaming community, but what about their credit card offer? Are you looking to grab that and need to know whether it is worth taking or not? Today, we are here to let you know some of the perks that a Credit Card offers and we will also be guiding you on how you can apply for it.

Available Card Types:

There are currently two types of GameStop credit cards that the GameStop is offering that are as bellow:

  • GameStop PowerUp Basic Card
  • GameStop PowerUp Pro Card

Benefits of PowerUp Rewards Credit Card:

Here are some of the perks that you can grab by applying for this credit card:

  • For the PowerUp Pro Members, there are 15,000 bonus points, and the Basic Members can enjoy 5,000 bonus points.
  • You can earn 5,000 bonus points on spending every $250 or more.
  • This card can be used to shop online and also for in-store purchases.
  • There are many exclusive cardholders offers that you can enjoy.
  • There is no annual fee.
  • You have the option to either pay in full or through monthly installments.

If you think that these are the benefits that you are looking for, then it is a worth taking the card that you can put in your wallet for the rest of your life.

How To Apply For GameStop Credit Card Application?

You can either visit your nearest GamStop store or follow the following steps to apply online for a GameStop Credit Card:

  • Click
  • Here, you will see a red “Apply Now” button. You just need to click that for now.
  • Now at the same position where you clicked the button “Apply Now”, there will be a “Find a Store” and “No Thanks” links. Click “No Thanks”.
  • Now there, you will again see a red “Apply Now” button, so click that again.
  • Now, they will ask you for the details that they require, and you need to put the right authentic information to get the service.
  • If you are finding any difficulties or any of their links is missing or redirected to another page or location for which you are unable to see it, then you can go to any of their authorized stores and apply it there.


To apply for the  Credit Card, one needs to be a PowerUp Rewards member. So, keep this important thing in mind before applying for this card. The PowerUp Rewards Credit Card is issued by the Comenity Capital Bank. If you are already a credit card holder, then you will have the option to manage your account can start shopping, right away. I hope you would’ve found this post informative and should have cleared many questions that you might have in your mind regarding the credit card application.

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