How To Apply For Merrick Bank Line Visa Credit Card

Merrick Bank stands among the top twenty banks in the US that offers a Visa card. The Merrick Bank Double the line (DYL) credit card is a great way to re-establish or build credit. This card also helps you double your credit line. Alongside that, there are many other great perks that you would enjoy. If you plan to apply for this card, then this guide will guide you through the online application process. But before we discuss the online application process, let’s have a look at some of the key benefits that you can enjoy with this credit card.

Merrick Bank Double the line Visa Credit Card Benefits

If you qualify for this card, then you will get a mail offer that you can respond to get this card. There are many, but below are some of the most prominent perks that you would get with this Visa credit card:

Double Your Credit Line: For the 1st seven months of the account opening, you should make your payment on time, every month. This will help you experience the increase, automatically. So, your credit line will be doubled this way.

Free, 24/7 Online & Mobile Account Access: All prominent features of your account can be accessed, round the clock, from your mobile devices. You would be able to check account balance, make payments, set up important email notifications, and more.

Free Monthly FICO Score: You can get your most recent FICO score and that too without any additional cost, every month. The FICO score is received by the bank from the credit bureau.

Apart from the above-discussed perks, there are many other benefits that you can enjoy with this card. You can go through the complete details of this card on the bank’s official website.

Instructions To Apply For A Merrick Bank Double Line Visa Credit Card

If you want to apply for this card online, then you need to have a personal computer and it must be connected to the internet. Here are the simple steps that you should follow for online credit card application:

  1. Click the link: or copy it into the address bar of your internet browser and hit enter. This will help you visit the official webpage designed by the bank to accept double the line (DYL) credit card applications.
  2. Now, fill up the on-screen form with the details, such as your certificate of acceptance number, last name, and your email address. Finally, click the green “Apply Now” button.

This is how you can respond to your email offer to apply for the Double the line (DYL) credit card on their official website.