File Discount Dining Dollars Rewards Claim.

The Discount Dining Dollars reward program is offered to the certain consumers as a promotional or loyalty award program. There are certain terms and conditions by which a consumer can receive the Dining Dollars Award that the consumer can use to get discounts from the participating merchants on the official website. Any portion of this program or even the entire program can be revised at any time, without any notice. If the program gets terminated, then there will be a limited time period in which you can acquire your offers. In this guide, we will discuss how a consumer can file the Discount Dollars rewards claim.

Activation And Expiration Of Award

Award activation is necessary and an online account, award account, will be dedicated that will record the activity of the consumer in the program. The Dining Dollars will be transferred to the Award Account of the consumer directly with the activation of the Award Card. There is a consumer profile on their website that every consumer must complete for activating his/her award Account. A consumer must activate the Award Card within the 30 days of the receipt. After the activation, the consumer will have one year for redeeming the Award’s value.

Instructions To File Your Discount Dining Dollars Rewards Claim

If you want to File your Rewards Claim online, then you should follow the couple of simple steps that we have mentioned right here:

  1. Visit the official website of the company on your personal computer. The link to the official website is:
  2. Once on their official website, you can see the small Sign In form on the right-hand side of the page. You just have to enter your account number and the passcode in the two available fields. Just hit the “Login” button after entering the details to access your online account.

After getting into your online account, you can file rewards claim as well as many other activities that this online portal offers.

Don’t Remember Your Account/Passcode?

In case if you ever fail to remember your account number or passcode, then you can retrieve this information by clicking the Account/Passcode links. The links to retrieve login information are available just below the “Login” button. For more details, feel free to call their helpline.