How To Get DIRECTV Services Online

In this era that is full of happenings, no one can imagine a life without having an access to the digital media. Daily, you watch the news to see what is going around domestically as well as internationally. People are always exploring the best channels for current affairs, movies, music, sports, TV shows, dramas, and even other funny stuff on their televisions. DIRECTV is known as the most prominent and reliable Satellite Television Company that is serving households with top-notch digital satellite TV and audio services in Latin America, the United States, and the Americas/Caribbean. Founded in 1960l, the company is known for its exceptional customer service and support. In this article, we are going to share their basic packages and we’ll also guide you on how to get their service.

Available DIRECTV Packages

The DIRECTV offers slightly different packages for different locations across the United States. To view the most recent rates, you can visit their website and go through the packages according to your location. Whatever entertainment package you choose, you will be able to watch channels at your home as well as on-the-move. Here are the basic available packages that you can choose from if you want to hire their services for your household:

  1. Select All Package

This is a base, value-packed package that offers you the essential entertainment that you would be looking for at a very reasonable price. For only $35 per month, you would be able to watch over 155 channels, if you select this package. Your most demanding entertainment is available with great clarity as they offer you the live 4K channel support. For the first three months, Premiums would be included without any extra fee. One HD DVR will power your entire home.

  1. Entertainment All

If you are a sports lover, then this is the most ideal option that you have got. This package offers you some full-time sports channels along with the major sports broadcast on the networks. Live 4K channel offers stunning clarity. This package comes with 160+ channels and you will have to pay $40 only on a monthly basis. Premiums are offered free of cost for the first 3 months.

  1. Choice All

If your interests are lifestyle, drama, sports, news, and comedy channels, then this package offer you 185+ channels with live 4K clarity. This option is a great combination for those who love to watch different categories of channels time-to-time. The monthly fee for this package is $45. In this package, Premiums are available for 1st three months without any additional cost. You also get NFL Sunday Ticket Max without any extra fee.

  1. XTRA All

This is the most popular option by DIRECTV that offers you the premium entertainment even without having the tag of a premium price. You will enjoy the 4K clarity and have great fun. This package offers you more than 235 channels at $55 per month. Premiums are available for the first 3 months without any additional charge. NFL Sunday Ticket Max 2018 season without any extra cost is also available.

  1. Unlimited All

If you are a movie lover, then this package is designed specifically for you. It offers 14 exclusive movie channels having every single ENCORE channel. There are over 250 channels that you can watch for $60 per month. It has Premiums included that you can enjoy without any additional fee for the first three months. This package also offers the NFL Sunday Ticket Max 2018 season at no additional cost.

  1. Premium All

This is the most expensive package of the DIRECTV that comes with more than 330 channels. This premium package includes SHOWTIME, HBO, Cinemax, DIRECTV Sports Pack, STARZ, and more. This package is available for $110 per month. You have Premiums in this package without any additional fee for the first 3 months. It also offers NFL Sunday Ticket Max 2018 season without any extra charge. What makes this package a stand out option is its DIRECTV Sports Pack that you get with no other package in the list.

Instructions To Get DIRECTV Service Online

So, are you ready to enjoy the best satellite TV service in the United States? If yes, then all you need is to perform the following steps to get DIRECTV service:

  1. To apply for their service online, you need to access their website that is:
  2. On the DIRECTV website, there is a “Get DIRECTV” link on top-right hand side. You need to click this button to start the process. On the new page, enter your ZIP code, street address, unit type, unit number, and then click “Continue to packages” button.

Now, you can see all the available packages in your area. Click on the package that you want to get and click “Get Package” button to submit your request. You can also call their helpline number that is 1-888-777-2454 for further details.