Apply For Online Student Finance At GOV.UK

Education is really important for every individual to fulfill his/her dreams. Without a degree, you just can’t imagine getting a good job for a great job to live a comfortable life. Unfortunately, the financial position of some students doesn’t allow them to complete their degree. This is why we often find many individuals living behind their expectations and goals. Thanks to the student finance programs that help such students complete their education. The Gov.UK student finance is also one of such student finance programs that deserving students can get benefit from. In this guide, we will show you how to apply for this loan. But before that, let’s have a look at some important information about this facility.

About This Student Finance Program

Only the citizens of England are eligible to apply for this student finance program. You can apply for this program online on their website. You can’t apply for it before the academic year’s 9th month. The loan procedure for the residents of Northern Ireland, Wales and Ireland is different from the residents of the UK. If you are a part-time or European Union student, then you can download the loan application form from their website, and then apply for the loan by post. For the online application, you must log in to their official website.

Instructions To Apply For Student Finance At GOV.UK

In order to apply for the student finance online, you must visit their website. Here is how you can do this:

  1. Access their official student finance webpage in any web browser. To access this page, you can use the link:
  2. Now that you are at the required webpage, take a look at the right-hand side where you will see a “Student Finance” menu with many links. Under that menu, you will find a “Student Finance” link. Click this link, and then a new page will appear on your computer screen. Here, you will find an “Apply” link under the “Student Finance” title. Click this button. Now, click “log in to your account” link under “Apply” title, and then click “Start now” button.

After clicking the “Start now” button, login with your email address or CRN (customer reference number) and password and hit “Continue” button. After logging in to the online account, you can apply for the student finance by completing the loan application.