Apply For BankAmericard® Secured Credit Card

BankAmericard® Secured Credit Card is a credit card that can build a credit history, which will benefit the cardholder now and also in the future. The account information will be shared with all the three key credit bureaus, which will help the cardholder build up the credit history. After one year, the cardholder can also qualify to get the security deposit back, while using the card.

The card also provides the facility of the mobile banking, email or text alerts in order to the cardholder that helps him manage the finances and also provide a fast access to the account information with the help of text banking. The maximum late fee of the card is $37, cash advance rate is 20.49% to 25.24%, cash advance fee is 5% (min $10), and the foreign transaction fee is 3%.

Benefits & Features Of BankAmericard® Secured Credit Card

This card provides great security and benefits to the cardholders. If there are the attempts such as abnormal patterns, then the cardholder will instantly be notified over this suspicious activity. The card provides a $0 guarantee on the deceptive transactions. The card also uses the digital wallet technology that provides different methods to pay by adding the card to the mobile device, and then shop by using the official app on the Android Pay, Samsung Pay, or Apple Pay or in-store. There are also the other benefits such as the online shopping security, online & mobile banking, account alerts, overdraft protection, and paperless statement option, etc. For the enhanced security, the card is available with the chip technology.

How To Apply For BankAmericard® Secured Credit Card

If you’ve decided that you should apply for this credit card, then you are advised to follow the online process that is designed to allow the applicants get the card in a fast manner. Before you start the online application process, you should turn on your computer and connect it to the internet. After that, do the following simple steps to apply for the card:

  • Open your web browsers and visit the link:
  • After that, you will see a blue “Apply Now” button on the screen just next to the credit card image. Move your cursor over it and click that.
  • Now, you are on the credit card application page. Complete the application form by entering your personal information, employee $ finances details, etc.
  • Go through the additional options, read and agree to the terms and conditions, and then click “review your information” button.
  • You can also click “Save for Later” button to start the application from there, later on.
  • You should make any changes, if needed, while reviewing the application.
  • Once you are sure that the provided application is right, you should submit the application.

After you submit the credit card application, you will get a response as fast as 60 seconds at your provided email address. If you don’t get the response for a long time period, then you can contact the bank’s customer support.